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Chemical engineering por Mind Map: Chemical engineering

1. type of work (depends on the area)

1.1. Optimization of processes

1.2. Design of reactors

1.3. Unit Operations

1.4. Mass and energy balances

1.5. Plant Design

2. working market

2.1. Investigation

2.2. Teaching

2.3. Industry. Process designer

2.4. Environment. Specialist in preparation and preparation of waste recovery methods.

3. Where I will work?

3.1. Investigation

3.1.1. The training during the race is aimed at knowing all the combinations of products and processes to achieve the update of raw materials

4. how much income and what factors

4.1. At least one newly graduated chemical engineer can earn a minimum salary of ($ 850 per month) and there are many cases where he only earns a minimum wage ($ 405 per month if the company is national and medium)

4.1.1. Factors that affect the little chemical industry It is a multinational or a national company.

5. additional capabilities

5.1. full English level

5.2. some other language depending on the country

6. What are the best postgraduate studies and where can you study them?

6.1. analytic chemistry

6.1.1. university of Navarra

6.2. physiochemistry

6.2.1. University of California

6.3. organic chemistry

6.3.1. University of Chile

6.4. biochemist

6.4.1. university antonio nariño

6.5. inorganic chemistry

6.5.1. Autonomous University of Mexico

7. What do real people have to say in the race about it?

7.1. The professors Óscar Yesid Suárez Palacios and Paulo César Narváez Rincón, of the Faculty of Engineering, assured that after five or six years of graduation chemistry graduates can receive a salary higher than that of other engineering professionals.

7.2. According to Riveros, who besides being a professor of this university faculty is the director of the career and postgraduate course in Chemical Engineering, at this moment this number of professionals could be exaggerated by the recession in the industry. But the truth is that in Colombia there is no job for chemical engineers, but a lot of work. With the last phrase Riveros means that engineers who know the country well, its areas and resources, and apply their knowledge in the production of goods and services have all the opportunities in the world to obtain work.