Quantum Gateway Router

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Quantum Gateway Router por Mind Map: Quantum Gateway Router

1. connection

1.1. networking

1.1.1. Integrated wired networking 4-port Ethernet switch Ethernet supports speeds up to 1000 Mbps moca moca bridge bridge mode Multimedia over Coax Alliance support speeds up to 700 Mbps MoCA 2.0 and 1.1 enabled

1.1.2. integrated wireless networking 802.11b/g/n/ac access points wireless access point network connection

1.2. gateway

1.2.1. Wi-Fi wi-fi access wireless security

1.2.2. ethernet ethernet port wan port ethernet cable hub

1.2.3. coaxial cable fixed coax coax connection

2. fios quantum gateway router

2.1. actiontec router

2.1.1. actiontec

2.2. fios quantum gateway router specs

2.2.1. Page 202 of manual

2.2.2. dual-core processor

2.3. dual-band router

2.4. Settings

2.4.1. new router fios quantum gateway router setup My Netowrk recap set up on 1 gig page

2.4.2. network mac address static IP dynamic IP dhcp lease

2.4.3. Security Firewall Access Control user authentication protocols password protection Remote Administration port Port Forwarding Port Triggering stateful packet inspection parental controls employee controls

2.4.4. DNS server

2.5. $199.99 or $9.99/mo

3. wi-fi router

3.1. wireless devices

3.2. wi-fi network

3.3. wi-fi coverage

3.4. wi-fi connection

3.5. guest wi-fi

3.6. wireless router

4. ont

4.1. optical network terminal

4.1.1. optical signal fios quantum tv fios tv fios app Voice data fios triple play

5. wi-fi extender

5.1. devices

5.2. multiple devices

5.3. wi-fi range

5.4. access point

5.4.1. unifi ap lr competitor Ubiquiti Networks

5.4.2. best wireless access point for business

5.4.3. Fios Network Extender Cross link to new page when it's ready

5.4.4. 802.11b/g/n/ac

6. Fios business internet

6.1. equipment needed

6.2. customers

6.2.1. need faster internet

6.2.2. consideration customer journey

6.2.3. how do I fix my problem

6.3. Only fiber lets you upload as fast as download.

6.3.1. fios internet mbps speeds upload speeds download speeds high-definition video cross link to /fios internet access ethernet

6.4. FTTP

6.4.1. fiber to the premises 100% fiber network

6.4.2. vs cable