Should this program be evaluated?

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Should this program be evaluated? por Mind Map: Should this program be evaluated?

1. Yes

1.1. Are you evaluating a program or a product?

1.1.1. Program What is the purpose of the evaluation? Evaluate merit of program goals (Fitzpatrick, p. 73) Evaluate objectives (Fitzpatrick. Objective-oriented evaluation approaches. Chp 4, p. 71-82) Provide information to aid decisions (Fitzpatrick. Management-oriented evaluation approaches. Chp 5, p. 88-99) Professional judgement of quality (Fitzpatrick. Expertise-oriented evaluation approaches. Chp 7, p. 112-128) Better understand and serve the needs of program participants (Fitzpatrick. Participant-oriented evaluation approaches. Chp 8, p. 129-151) Monitor and support social innovation. Be responsive to an evolving project in a complex dynamic system, where goals are emergent and changing. Empower participants to conduct their own evaluations

1.1.2. Product What is the purpose of the evaluation? Conduct a market analysis Provide information to consumers about products to inform purchasing (Fitzpatrick, Consumer-oriented evaluation approaches. Chp 6, p.100-111) Provide information to designers to improve a product/ interactive learning system (Reeves, Interaction Learning Systems Evaluation)

2. No

3. Stufflebeam's CIPP Model (Fitzpatrick, p. 89)

4. Alkin's UCLA model (Fitzpatrick, p. 92)

5. Provus's Discrepancy Model (Fitzpatrick, p. 75)

6. Evaluability Assessment (Fitzpatrick, p.182. Wholey, 1972)