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Schedule/Staffing por Mind Map: Schedule/Staffing

1. Scheduled

1.1. Calculate scheduled overtime by staff

1.1.1. OT threshold in staff record vs scheduled hours.

1.1.2. With all hourly metrics would love to compare planned vs. scheduled

1.2. Calculate scheduled average shift length by staff

1.2.1. Drive hours + travel time (scheduled) +RTDs

1.3. Calculate scheduled average travel time per staff

1.3.1. OR we could put average travel for staff on a bar graph to spot fluctuations?

1.4. Calculate weekly scheduled undertime

1.4.1. Min hours in staff record vs. scheduled hours

1.5. Determine the # of times staff are scheduled at a drive located outside the staff's primary Collection op AND locations AND days

1.5.1. Would love to be able to drill down to a list of staff with their seniority dates, for areas where union contract mandates how often staff leaves base area

1.6. Determine which days are scheduled to have Recovery time violations-- by staff

1.6.1. Calculate staff end time to next day's staff start time against minimum recovery hours in staff's record.

2. Do we want to look at available staff vs constraints???? Thinking this would encourage bad behavior in DRD. May want to evaluate Planned staff vs. Scheduled

3. Staff capacity setup accuracy, etc ********

4. Schedule Validation (Weekly)-- to be used by CP and Scheduling to evaluate weekly staffing metrics

4.1. Planned

4.1.1. Calculate planned average shift length-- at Collection Operation level Drive hours +travel time from nearest base(x2)+ Role time details

4.1.2. Calculate planned average travel time-- at collection operation?? Plot average travel time for staff on a bar graph to spot fluctuations?

4.1.3. Calculate planned average Overtime by Role Driver role Sum of Driver hours for the week/# of driver shifts there are????? VP/HH role Projected weekly OT (travel from nearest base + RTDs +drive hours) vs. OT ((WHAT VALUE))

4.1.4. Determine which days are planned to have turnaround time violations, and by how much (in minutes) Turnaround time report logic-- 60% late vs. 60% early example. By collection operation, at a district level

5. Staffing Evaluation (Daily)-- to be used primarily by Scheduling to evaluate daily staffing metrics, and make day-of drive decisions

5.1. Compare capacity of scheduled staff to appointment levels to ensure staff can handle the # of appointments currently scheduled

5.1.1. DVR and (staff actual capacity???)

5.2. Identify drives that are short staffed (Scheduled staff less than Planned staff)

5.2.1. Logic from PVA

5.3. Identify drives that have APT staff assigned.

5.3.1. Logic from PVA

5.4. Ensure non-staff resources are allocated, and not over-allocated

5.4.1. Ensure all machines in the collection operation are assigned to drives

5.4.2. Ensure all drives have a vehicle assigned

5.5. Identify drives with RTD Exception notes and ensure the additional time has been applied appropriately

5.5.1. Logic from RTD audit

5.6. Make sure all roles on a blood drive are filled

5.7. Ensure Power Red staffing is correct

5.7.1. Identify drives with PR Machine assigned, but no PR Staff requested

5.7.2. Ensure correct # of PR staff are assigned based on # of PR machines assigned

5.8. Identify staff not assigned to a blood drive, and available