linking clauses

linking clauses

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linking clauses por Mind Map: linking clauses

1. The subordinated clauses are those formed by a main clause, a subordinate conjunction and a dependent clause. In English there are different conjunctions and adverbs that indicate reason, purpose, result of something, time, contrast.

2. (Reason) .- We can express the cause through the following links: Because = Because of of = by, because of The difference between the two nexuses is that the first is followed by a sentence (with subject and verb) and the second is followed by a name. BECAUSE + CLAUSE We moved to another city because my father got a new job. BECAUSE OF + NOUN We moved to another city because of my father's new job. As / since = as, since. - As it is your birthday, I'll lend you my best clothes. Usually they go to the beginning of the sentence Other causal links: due to, owing to = due to

3. (Purpose) .- With this type of sentence we express the purpose, why someone does something. The translation of all links will always be 'for'. The links and their uses are: To + infinitive - I went to the university to talk to one of my teachers. In order to / - I went to the university in order to talk to one of my teachers. (more formal)

4. Result) .- we can express the consequence through the following links: So = so - She was ill so she could not take the exam. - I failed my English test and therefore I took it As a result / therefore = again in September. therefore, as a consequence - I failed my English test. Therefore, I took it again in September.

5. Resultado) .- podemos expresar la consecuencia a través de los siguientes enlaces: Entonces = entonces ella estaba enferma y no pudo tomar el examen. - Reprobé mi examen de inglés y por lo tanto lo tomé Como resultado / por lo tanto = nuevamente en septiembre. por lo tanto, como consecuencia, fallé mi examen de inglés. Por eso, lo volví a tomar en septiembre.