Indefinite Articles "a" & "an"

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Indefinite Articles "a" & "an" por Mind Map: Indefinite Articles  "a" & "an"

1. Is used to indicate an individual or element of any kind, species or gender without particularizing it when we introduce it in a sentence or a discourse.

1.1. There are two diferent forms of singular indefinite articles: "a" & "an"

1.1.1. Rules to use "a" Use "a" when the noun that accompanies the article begins with a consonant (or a vowel with a consonant sound) Examples: - a car - a doctor - a table - a horse Use "a" with singular nouns after the words 'what' and 'such' Examples: - What a shame! - She's such a pretty girl - What a lovely day!

1.1.2. Rules to use "an" Use "an" when you have to introduce words that start with a vowel sound. Examples: - an orange - an umbrella - an apple - an elephanlt

2. In English, the indefinite article "a/an" is only used ON SINGULAR

2.1. For example

2.1.1. You have a rabbit (singular) You have some rabbits (plural) You have many rabbits (plural)

2.1.2. I have an apple (singular) I have some apples I have many apples

3. There are some exceptions to apply the indefinite articles

3.1. Exceptions to apply "an"

3.1.1. If you are using a word with a silent "h", then you have to use "an" Honorable Right: Joshua is an honorable man Wrong: Joshua is a honorable man

3.2. Exceptions to apply "a"

3.2.1. When the "u" or "eu" has the same sound as "you" you must use "a" Unicorn Right: I want to be a unicorn Wrong: I want to be an unicorn European Right: We had a european trip Wrong: We had an european trip

4. Comparing right and wrong uses of "a" & "an"

4.1. Right

4.1.1. an hour

4.1.2. an apple

4.1.3. an honor

4.1.4. an engineer

4.2. Wrong

4.2.1. a hour

4.2.2. a apple

4.2.3. a honor

4.2.4. a engineer

5. Learn more about the indefinite article

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5.3. Examples to aply a or an(click)

5.4. Easy uses of "a" and "an" (click)

5.5. indefinite articles a and an

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