Gerunds after Prepositions

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Gerunds after Prepositions por Mind Map: Gerunds after Prepositions

1. A preposition describes a relationship between other words in a sentence

1.1. Far from

1.2. Except for

1.3. In front of

1.4. Next to

1.5. Regardless of

1.6. In place of

2. Gerunds are nouns formed from a verb, they will always contain the ending ing.

2.1. Running

2.2. Singing

2.3. Writting

2.4. Spelling

2.5. Eating

2.6. Paying

3. Rules

3.1. If you want to use a verb after a preposition, it must be a gerund

3.2. It is impossible to use an infinitive or any other verb form after a preposition.

3.3. Gerunds can replace a noun in a sentence

4. Examples

4.1. I will call you AFTER ARRIVING at the office

4.2. I am looking forward TO MEETING you

4.3. Do you object TO WORKING late?

4.4. She dreams ABOUT GOING on vacation

4.5. I apologize for interrupting

4.6. We talked about going to Italy