10 Traditional 🥘 You Have to Try in 🇨🇷

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10 Traditional 🥘 You Have to Try in 🇨🇷 por Mind Map: 10 Traditional 🥘 You Have to Try in 🇨🇷

1. A pipa fria is a cold coconut which are usually sold on the streets or on the beach for between $1 and $2

2. This is a slow-cooked stew that is packed with nutrient-rich and flavor-rich ingredients.

3. Casado

3.1. it includes rice and beans, a salad, fried sweet plantains, and a protein – either fish, chicken, pork, or beef. 

4. Gallo Pinto

4.1. pinto is a slowly blended and married together dish of rice, beans, onions, red peppers, and cilantro. 

5. Chicharrón

5.1. Chicharrones are fried pork rinds. 

6. Arroz con

6.1. The rice is mixed with annatto (which is similar to saffron) to make yellow rice, and vegetables like peas, carrots, bell peppers, and celery are diced and cooked in.

7. Patacones

7.1. The green plantain is peeled and sliced into quarter- to half-inch thick pieces and quickly boiled on each side.

8. Pipa Fria

9. Chifrijo

9.1. It is a bowl of rice and beans topped with fried pork meat or fried pork skins and topped with avocado, pico de gallo, chimichurri, and lime. 

10. Olla de carne

11. Sopa negra

11.1. Sopa negra is traditional black bean soup.