Defining Cultural Tourism

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Defining Cultural Tourism por Mind Map: Defining Cultural Tourism

1. When talking about

2. About

3. According

4. However

4.1. Ashworth is „Place-specific Tourism‟, „meaning that culture can be defined as the common set of values, attitudes and thus behavior of a social group‟.

5. According

6. In other words, cultural tourism is not just about consuming cultural products of the past; it also deals with contemporary way of life and culture of people.

6.1. Furthermore, considering the contemporary pattern of cultural consumption among cultural tourists explained before, this commodification process associated with tourism development does not limit to physical products, but the elements of everyday life of locals as well.

7. This information was obtained ifromnternational Conference on Civil, Architecture and Sustainable Development (CASD-2016) Dec. 1-2, 2016 London(UK)