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The Aircract ULD por Mind Map: The Aircract ULD

1. Unit Loading Device

1.1. What?

1.1.1. A container or pallet used to load and ship luggage, cargo on a plane

1.2. Advantage

1.2.1. Easy wieghted

1.2.2. Easy physically distributed in aircraft

1.2.3. Easy handling in the ground

1.2.4. Easy administration

1.2.5. Used for further carriage

1.3. Disadvantage

1.3.1. Increase weight, more fuel burn

1.3.2. Requires special handling and exchange among carriers

1.4. Classification

1.4.1. Container Main deck containers Lower deck containers

1.4.2. Pallet Pallet is flat aluminum sheets where cargo was built up, they come with net to tie up cargo 2 types Pallet + net Pallet + igloo + net

2. Aircraft

2.1. What?

2.1.1. The fastest shipping method in the world

2.1.2. Highly reliable arrival and departure times

2.1.3. You can fly to nearly every destination in the world

2.2. Type of transportion

2.2.1. People

2.2.2. Cargo

2.3. 3 types of aircrafts

2.3.1. Cargo aircraft

2.3.2. Passenger aircraft

2.3.3. Combination of cargo and passenger

3. Airway Bill

3.1. What?

3.1.1. An AWB shows evidence of the contractual agreement between the shipper and the carrier of the goods

3.2. AWB Classification

3.2.1. Based on material Paper AWB E-AWB: an electronic version of the paper AWB

3.2.2. Based on form Airlines AWB With preprinted issuing carrier identification Issued by the Airline Neutral AWB Without preprinted issuing carrier identification Issued by the IATA

3.2.3. Based on consolidation MAWB Issued by the airline As a forwarding document Adjust the relationship between the air carrier and the consolidator HAWB Issued by the freight forwarder Taking goods and adjust relationship between the consolidator and the shipper

3.3. Functions

3.3.1. Receipt of delivery to the carrier

3.3.2. Evidence of the contract of carriage

3.3.3. AWB is not a proprietary document, so it can not be transferred

3.4. Number

3.4.1. AWB number is located in the top left and right corners of the AWB

3.4.2. 11 digits and 3 parts First 3 digits: airline prefix Next 7 digits: serial number of the AWB Last digit: the check digit

3.5. Calculation method

3.5.1. AWB n°: 589 8114070 6 Divide the 7 first Serial Number “8114070” by 7. 8114070 ÷ 7 = 1159152,857 0.857 x 7 = 5,999 = 6 The check digit is 6

3.5.2. The remainder will always be a number less than 7

3.5.3. If the last number is 7,8 or 9 the AWB number is unvalid

3.6. Distribution of AWB

3.6.1. 3 originals and numbered from 1 to 3 Green: carrier Pink: consignee Blue: shipper

3.6.2. From 6 to 11 additional copies and numbered from 4 to 14

3.6.3. Each of copies had different functions