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1. Definición

1.1. Las clausulas subordinadas son aquellas formadas por una clausula principal, una conjunción subordinada y una clausula dependiente.

2. Reason (Razón)

2.1. Because= Porque

2.1.1. we moved to another city because my father got a new job.

2.2. As/Since= Como/Puesto que.

2.2.1. as it is your birthday, I’ll lend you my best clothes.

3. Purpose (Proposito)

3.1. To + infinitivo

3.1.1. I went to the university to talk to one of my teachers.

3.2. In order to

3.2.1. I went to the university in order to talk to one of my so as to teachers.

3.3. Frases negativas, se emplea generalmente in order not to /so as not to

3.3.1. I hurried so as not to miss the bus.

3.4. So that + can(n’t) /will (won’t) → presente o futuro + would(n’t) / could(n’t) → pasado

3.4.1. I’ll buy a ball so that we can play football.

3.4.2. I bought a ball so that we could play

3.4.3. We got a map with us so that we wouldn’t get lost

4. Result (Resultado)

4.1. So = Así que

4.1.1. She was ill so she couldn’t take the exam

4.2. As a result / Therefore

4.2.1. I failed my English test. Therefore, I took it again in September.

4.3. So ....... That = Tan........Que

4.3.1. The ticket for the concert was so expensive (that) we couldn’t buy it.

5. Time (De Tiempo)

5.1. When / as

5.1.1. I’ll phone you when I know the answer

5.2. While

5.2.1. While I was watching TV, the telephone rang.

5.3. As soon as

5.3.1. - I’ll phone you as soon as I know the answer

5.4. Before / After

5.4.1. She went to the gym after she had done her homework.

5.5. Until

5.5.1. We were waiting until she arrived

6. De contraste (of contrast)

6.1. Although = Aunque

6.1.1. Although he didn’t have money, he bought the most expensive car.

6.2. In spite of = A pesar de

6.2.1. In spite of not having money, he bought the most expensive car.