Grammar Tenses

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Grammar Tenses por Mind Map: Grammar Tenses


1.1. Present Simple

1.1.1. Use repeated actions regular habits

1.1.2. Structure Affirmative Suject + Verb in infinitive I live Negative Suject + do(es) + not + verb I do not sing Questions do(es) + Suject + Verb? Do you like music?

1.1.3. Signal Words always, normally, usually often, sometimes, never every day/week/month

1.2. Present Perfect

1.2.1. use experiences Actions that started and ended in the past but whose effect continues in the present Actions that started in the past and have not yet ended in the present

1.2.2. Structure affirmative SUBJECT + have / has + PARTICLE VERB he has played negative SUBJECT + have / has + not + PARTICLE VERB He has not played well questions Have / has + SUBJECT + PARTICLE VERB? have I done?

1.3. Present Continuos

1.3.1. use Cyclical situations in a defined period of time I am getting up early this month Actions that are being done at the same time that they are spoken I am eating an apple

1.3.2. structure affirmative SUBJECT + am / are / is (verb to be) + VERB CON -ING I am singing negative SUBJECT + am / are / is (verb "to be") + not + VERB CON -ING I am not singing questions am / are / is + SUBJECT + VERB WITH "-ing"? am I singing?

1.4. Present perfect continuous

1.4.1. use to talk about an action that started in the past but continues in the present

1.4.2. structure affirmative Subject + ‘to have’ + been + verb + ing Harry and Dumbledore have been talking for three hours negative Subject + ‘to have’ + ‘not’ + ‘been’ + verb + ing Hermione hasn’t been studying Defence Against the Dark Arts for very long questions ‘To have’ + subject + ‘been’ + verb + ing +? Have Voldemort and Potter been talking for a long time?



2.1.1. Use Actions that started in the past and are already finished

2.1.2. Structure affirmative SUBJECT + VERB IN PAST "-ed" I worked negative SUBJECT + did + not + VERB IN INFINITIVE I did not sing questions Did + SUBJECT + VERB IN INFINITIVE

2.1.3. Temporary Accessories yesterday, two years ago, in 2008, last year, on 01/01/2000, in July


2.2.1. Use an action or event that started in the past and that is prior to another action also in the past. for actions that occurred before a specific time in the past.

2.2.2. stucture affirmative Subject + "had" + past participle I had [I’d] visited the Louvre before, so I knew where the Mona Lisa was negative Subject + "had" + "not" + past participle They had not [hadn’t] studied English before they went to London questions "Had" + subject + past participle ...? Had they studied English before they went to London?


2.3.1. use Actions that started in the past and we want to highlight that they had a certain duration I was eating an apple, when I fell to the ground

2.3.2. structure affirmative SUBJECT + was / were + VERB with ending -ing I was working negative SUBJECT + was / were not + VERB with -ing ending I was not singing questions was / were + SUBJECT + VERB with the ending -ing was I singing?


2.4.1. use actions that started at a specific time in the past and continued to another specific point in the past. His face was dirty because he had been eating chocolate

2.4.2. structure affirmative I had been travelling all night. negative I hadn't been travelling all night. questions Had you been travelling all night?


3.1. FORMS

3.1.1. WILL use promises decisions at that time example I'll work I will/shall not work will/shall I work?

3.1.2. GOING TO EXAMPLE I am going to be honored USE Actions that you plan to take in the future He is going to sing tomorrow night