Lugares Asombrosos

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Lugares Asombrosos por Mind Map: Lugares Asombrosos

1. setting

1.1. Japon

1.2. India

1.3. China

1.4. Argentina

1.5. United States

1.6. Panama

1.7. Bolivia

1.8. Mexico

1.9. Nicaragua

1.10. Rumania

1.11. Czech Republic

1.12. Croatia

1.13. Ukraine

2. Protagonist

2.1. Main characters

2.1.1. Luisito Comunica

2.1.2. Places

2.2. Secondary characters

2.2.1. Guides

2.2.2. Tourists

2.2.3. Natives

3. Introduction

3.1. Luis Arturo Villar Sudek or Luisito comunica tells in this book a lot of his adventures and his recommendations

3.2. He travelled all over the world and divide the book in 5 phases:

3.2.1. Abandoned places

3.2.2. Mystical places

3.2.3. Crazy places

3.2.4. Haunted places

3.2.5. Disturbing places

4. Plot highlights

4.1. In Ukraine he had a problem with the radiation in Chernobil.

4.2. In India he was kind of robbed by some people but, it was a culture prank so he relaxed a lot

5. Theme

5.1. Courage

5.2. Kindness

6. Genre

6.1. Adventure

6.2. Tourist guide

7. Personal opinion and Reasons for it

7.1. It is a book with a lot of information that show us the effort and passion that Luis has for traveling and for sharing his adventures

8. Recommendations

8.1. If you want to go to someplace that appears in the book you should read it

8.2. Be open mind because some places might be to heavy for somepeople so just relax, read and then get your own conclusions

9. concluding remarks

9.1. It is an interesting book

9.2. It is an useful guide for the travelers