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SAMR por Mind Map: SAMR

1. S: Substitution

1.1. Technology acts as a direct substitute, with no functional change

1.2. This means students will use technology for all academic purposes.

1.3. Finding information on the internet and copying that information and pasting it to the students liking.

1.4. Even some forms of reading are done by email or PDF files

1.5. Assessments can often be on google or another online testing site.

2. A: Augmentation

2.1. Technology acts as a direct substitute with functional improvement

2.2. Note taking would be done on the app of the students choosing

2.3. Research would be done by bookmarking and sharing notes

2.4. Files would be shared by a dropbox folder

2.5. Assessments would be completed with automatic marking script.

3. M: Modification

3.1. Technology allows for significant task redesign

3.2. Note taking would be done by the same app for all notes

3.3. Use the Notablitlty app for student to download research, and annotate with the app

3.4. Presentations could use both audio and video and text to make movie presentations

4. R: Redefinition

4.1. Technology allows for the creation of tasks previously inconceivable

4.2. Teacher has access to all student notes

4.3. research can be done by collaborative mindmaps

4.4. Using nearpod for presentations

4.5. Using interactive e-books

4.6. Creative assignments with audio feedback