Body Systems

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Body Systems por Mind Map: Body Systems

1. Eskeletal system

1.1. Eskelet Suports our body

1.2. Imagine that you're a t-shirt without a hook you'll fall

1.2.1. Imagine that you are a t shirt

1.2.2. you'll go dawn

1.3. Human Eskelet has 206 bones

1.3.1. Eating Calcium n' Milk your bones will be stronger

1.3.2. Femur is the longest bone in the body

1.3.3. Stirrup is the smallest Bone in the body

1.4. Rib Cage protects your heart & Lungs

1.4.1. Clavicle collar bones supports our t-shirts

1.4.2. Meeting 2

1.5. If someone hits you,your heart & lungs will be fine

2. Excretory system

2.1. Is made of 6 organs Kidney ,Ureter, Bladder,urethra, Sphinceter

2.2. If We dont go to make piss we can Exploit

2.2.1. Task 1

2.2.2. Task 2

2.3. Kidney are made of a cells called nefrones that separate the bad things in our body and it send that things to the bladder and that things get out with the urethra

2.3.1. Call 1

2.3.2. Call 2

3. Circulatory System

3.1. Oxigen reaches to lung through nose from there it goes to heart, in the heart is mixed with blood

3.2. Arteries

3.2.1. Take blood Away

3.2.2. Task 2

3.3. Veins

3.3.1. Bring Blood Back

3.4. Heart

3.4.1. Has 4 valves N' 4 valve

3.4.2. When these valves open N' Close, We can hear Heart Beat

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