Gender Equity and Biological, Development and healt

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Gender Equity and Biological, Development and healt por Mind Map: Gender Equity and Biological, Development and healt

1. gender equity

1.1. is absolutely necessary for

1.1.1. authorities involved to select organize share knowledge

1.1.2. teacher

1.1.3. parents

2. associated with treating people the same

2.1. people having equal acess to resources

3. means fairness without bias

4. means to make sure people get access to same oppotunities

4.1. to

4.1.1. have and enjoy full and healthy life

5. Gender Equity in Education

5.1. means that boys and girls have the same opportunities in the future.

5.1.1. to get gender equity is necesary Both boys and girls should be provided with enrollment policies and educational practice. End academic coursing based on gender stereotypes Traditional gender roles causing gender inequality should be removed

5.1.2. in terms economic social cultural political issues

6. Biological development

6.1. Children go through different periods of development as they grow

6.1.1. different essential prenatal stages When the baby's body is forming PERIODS

6.1.2. The infant stage is also a time of crucial growth and development Growth refers to increase in size, length, height and weight It is one of the parts of the developmental process

7. Brain development before birth

7.1. takes place in third gestational week

7.1.1. Two processes Themolecular events (gene expression) The impact of the invironment

8. How health affects child and adolescent's school performance

8.1. The word "health" refers to a state of complete emotional and physical well-being

8.2. issues influency health

8.2.1. poor sleep Children need at least mine hours of restful sleep each night

8.2.2. obesity often associated with arise in type 2 diabetes

8.3. school performance

8.3.1. issues influency exercise social skills children develop importance of the breakfast a healthy breakfast genectics

9. There some factors to take into consideration for having good health

9.1. Genetics

9.2. The environment

9.3. Relationships with

9.3.1. friends

9.3.2. family

9.4. level of education

9.5. income