Conferencia DR Beck

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Conferencia DR Beck por Mind Map: Conferencia DR Beck

1. Adoptative mode

1.1. acces-energize-develop-actualize-stregnthmen

2. Beliefs Realated with Capability

2.1. Underllying beliefs

2.1.1. Defeasting beliefs ,Asocial beliefsnegative social expectations and Negative expectations

3. Accesing the adaptive mode

3.1. Look for those attheir best moments

3.2. Connect around common interested

3.3. Connect around indivual areas

4. Energized the adaptative mode

4.1. Increasing Frecuency of acess to adaptative mode

4.2. Increase oportunity to notice benefits of positive actions

4.3. Trust Built here creates openess to exploring possible future

5. Actualizing the adaptative mode

5.1. Collaborating break inspirations

5.2. Valuess and meaning insoirations

5.3. Create visual representations of progress

5.4. Notive sucess along the way

6. Positive action Sheduling

6.1. experience-Observe-Shedule-Target-Refine-Strengthment

7. Lista de deseos

7.1. lo que podría mejorar su eficacia

7.1.1. aplica para todod How people get struck How they thrive

7.2. Flexibilidad

7.2.1. Cultivar emociones

7.2.2. Colllaborate to actively

8. Recovery-Oriented Terapia cognitiva

8.1. Disconected Mode

8.1.1. Deactivation of Positive Beliefs Negative expectations Failure,Refection,Lack of pleasure Avoidance, Reactivity

8.1.2. Activations of negative beliefs

8.2. Adotative mode

8.2.1. Deactivation of negative Beliefs Positive expectation: Succes, Conection, Pleasure Participation

8.2.2. Activation of negative Beliefs

9. Cognitive Model

9.1. Challenges

9.1.1. Self, Others, Future

9.2. Empowerment

9.2.1. Self, Other, Future

10. Guided Discovered

10.1. Positive action=Oportunity

10.1.1. Noticing and draiwing oportunity conclusions about target beliefs makes meaning that promote wellnes

11. CR Evidence Base

11.1. Defeasting and asocial beliefs studied all over the globe and predict

11.1.1. Less comunity participation, lower effort and reduced physical movements

11.2. Positive beliefs: acces to motivation

11.3. Randomized, Blinded, Clinical trial

11.3.1. Increasing comunity functionig,Gains maintinig Greater endorsement

12. Step charts of aspiration

12.1. Get up and dosometin every day-Talk with people about films-get out of house more often-Find a filmark-meet other people-spend time with things that you like-Research tips and be aspirating

13. What might enhace our efencience

13.1. aplies to everydody , person centreced,Flexible and collaborate to activelity