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Login Screen por Mind Map: Login Screen

1. Clicks on "Forgot Username or Password?"

1.1. Clicks on "Forgot Username or Password?"

1.1.1. Selects "Forgot Username" Enters email address Enter Captcha

1.1.2. Selects "Forgot Password" Enter's username Enter Captcha

2. Enters a Username and Password

2.1. Enters valid Username and Password

2.1.1. Logs into Blue Sky

2.2. Enters invalid Username/Password

2.2.1. Shown Message that their Username/Password combination is invalid User re-attempts to enter username/password up to Firm limit of attempts Enters valid Username and Password Enters invalid Username and Password

3. New user set up on Black Diamond

3.1. Unique link generated for user set up and delivered via auto email or copied link

3.1.1. User clicks on link User creates password User enters security question answers

4. Less Secure Option