Values Group

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Values Group por Mind Map: Values Group

1. Uniform Tracy & Alan

1.1. Primary: P7 jumpers

1.1.1. P7 teachers to take forward P7s to devise plan & present to P5/6 Suggest black V-necks, then useful in both settings Involve cluster P7s? Complete

1.2. Secondary: Blazers for all?

1.2.1. Place on hold until Aug 2014 Embed rest of uniform first Tracy & Alan to begin consultation with all about blazers for all: pupils, parents, suppliers etc. A number of schools contacted to ask their experience. When we learn their methods, we'll move on ours Uniform Check with other schools to see how this has been done in the past

1.3. Tightening up on black jeans/shoes?

1.3.1. Tactics for raising uniform profile Assemblies? Inform parents of school policy Link to House points? Opportunity to re-energise House system? From Jan 2014 - it's strict policy again Complete

2. Common vision Karen, Amanda, Alyson & Stuart B

2.1. Need a new school motto?

2.1.1. Decided no, need to make existing one more relevant Needs to be a focused session - long project

2.2. Do we have a shared ethos?

2.2.1. What does existing motto mean? How can we work it into what we do? Need a simplifies version for younger primary? Are we "excelling"? - Use vocab better Is this how we recognise achievement? Need pupil input asap Contact Neil Panton for results of this

2.3. What words sum up the school?

2.3.1. Survey: three words from everyone. Fire into a Wordle - these become our ethos. Contact Neil Panton for results of this Still needs actioned NP has data

3. Community outreach Marguerite, Gordon, Stuart C

3.1. What's our reputation in the community?

3.1.1. Questionnaire Need reps from primary & secondary Engage with local businesses - hand card with website link? Engage with others in local community Survey community to determine priorities for improvement Prompt for both positives & negatives Is smoking around Aytoun Hall an issue? Video group Paper Take an advert in local paper? Online Who devises the questions? Can you offer any skills to give to school? Ask specific questions about what they're happy or unhappy with. "Is pupil behaviour at lunchtime an issue for you?" What about opinions on uniform? How do you get your info? Only papers, online, website? What's your opinion on what school is like now compared to 20 years ago? Open evening/day?

3.1.2. Consilation complete. results collated and feedback to community online. Built into assemblies to feedback to pupils. Reported in S&Q.

3.1.3. S6 1G Van project

3.2. Involvement of community in WAP?

3.2.1. Possible for next year

3.2.2. Not happened

3.3. Do we communicate effectively enough?

3.3.1. Press Group began 1st Oct 2014 Just relaunched with Natalie Clark

3.4. Link with community groups

3.4.1. Ryder Cup visit to school Sept 2014

3.4.2. Continue to link with these people in gardening etc

3.4.3. Offered work of gardening at the end of Lane Hawke Ross finding colunteers. Contact Jeff Gelder - Bloom Hawke has no time Future WAP?

3.5. How else can we be involved?

3.5.1. Events Aug - Dec 26th Oct Cancer Research Variety Show Pipe Band playing 30th Nov St Andrew's Day Parade & Christmas fair Pipe Band 9th Nov Remembrance Service Pupil awareness HB/HG representing at church Pipe Band House Capts for Primary 14th Dec Carol Service HB/HG reps & House Capts from Primary Deliver light-hearted reading? Cookbook coffee morning event - Intergenerational project Offer of support from Noreen Homewood Heritage element? Photos & stories of contributors to book? Contact Judy Barrow Tombola run by community volunteers Intergenerational quiz All Completed 28th January Pupil reps requested for Youth Outreach at Aytoun Hall project Date TBC HB/HG team to source reps from pupil body - contact Judy Barrow - PKC Funding available What is there for youths in Auchterarder? No more word on this

4. Primary positive behaviour policy

4.1. Review and renewal already begun

4.1.1. Helen Snedden moving this forward in Primary with pupils & parents - already significant improvements made

4.2. Needs further consultation

5. Minutes here