DCA Cloud Training

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DCA Cloud Training por Mind Map: DCA Cloud Training

1. Important Not Urgent

1.1. Google Apps

1.1.1. MindMeister

1.2. Hangouts

1.2.1. Video

1.3. Access

1.3.1. Chrome Desktop How to use multiple Chrome Desktops Toolbar Apps

1.3.2. Login Credentials

1.4. Getting Help

1.4.1. Hangouts

1.4.2. Contacting the Web Maste

1.4.3. On-Line Resources U-Tube Introductions

1.5. Workshops For Commuity

1.5.1. Google+ Personal Profile Circles

2. Not Important Not Urgent

2.1. Strategies for e-mail account conversion

2.2. Benefits of Cloud, Google etc.

3. Not Important Urgent

4. Important Urgent

4.1. Staff

4.1.1. Financial Wave Accounting

4.1.2. General Manager Insightly

4.1.3. Trainer On-line course materials Best practices

4.1.4. System Administrator Insightly

4.1.5. Setup of initial account Access rights Apps

4.1.6. Office Calendar Work Flow Insightly

4.1.7. Webmaster account setup rights admin installing apps and granting rights General tour, feature by feature Reference to online-docs

4.2. General

4.2.1. E-mail DCA Accounts Attaching Google Drive documents

4.2.2. Google Drive Docs Spreadsheets Upload/Download OS X upload/download Microsoft Windows upload/download Migration of MS Office Docs Other Drive Apps Sharing Google Rive Documents Secuirty levels and distinctions Real time collaboration

4.3. Public

4.3.1. Google +

4.3.2. Web Site

4.4. Web site team

4.4.1. Sites Uploading documents and pictures Page creation and editing Site management, themes etc Security considerations

4.4.2. Google + Administering the DCA Google+ Profile Photo Gallery Reviews Circles