Silver Linings Playbook

Anna W
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Silver Linings Playbook por Mind Map: Silver Linings Playbook

1. Eventually become friends. The racist 'Asian invasion' thing at the football game. Seeing each other outside of the office and rooting for the same team bonded them.

1.1. Directors choice to add the therapist in the scene after the football game that takes place at pat's house

1.1.1. the fact that he is in his house shows the closeness

2. How Characters Develop

2.1. Development/change/example

2.1.1. how/why they change

2.2. Pat moves on from Nikki

2.2.1. falls in love with Tiffany in one of the very last scenes when the two kiss the is a fast dolly shot that progresses from a close up to a long shot which in a sense wraps up the film, along with this the shift (and use) of music

2.2.2. begins to understand himself better and knows that nikki isn't really right for him anyway use of a lot of close up and dolly shot.

2.3. Tiffany allows herself to have a friend, doesn't just have sexual relationships but becomes a genuine friend to pat

2.3.1. Pat wants her to be happy In return Tiffany opens up to him, expecting something in return.

2.3.2. Pat tells the guy at her house to go away and gets through to Tiffany use of mis-en-scene and composition/positioning of Tiffany to show that whilst Pat couldn't see her – she could hear him

2.4. Patriccio learns that his juju is not what is important to him, but it is the time that he gets to spend with pat

2.4.1. He misses pat when he is gone

2.4.2. By having this dislike for Tiffany before he met her that changed once she did come over and prove herself, it developed Patricio as he then learnt to trust her and Pat in turn again this scene uses a shift between close up and medium shot as well as another use of shaky filming that adds a scene of realism/or as if it is coming from the eyes of one of the characters (point of view shot)

3. Relationships That Develop Between charecters

3.1. relationship

3.1.1. outcome

3.2. Pat and his father

3.2.1. It is evident that Pat's father spent more time with Pat's brother. This is as Pat's dad cries and confesses that he regrets not spending more time with him. A large use of closeups bring this mood/emotion to show Pat's dad's openhearted act.

3.2.2. Want him to watch the game with him and creates a bet knowing that he will win because he has faith for Pat. a large focus on the objects in the house ( Patricio's napkin, remotes etc. ) to show how obsessive he is over the game

3.2.3. However, Pat and his dad seem to have repaired their relationship at the end.

3.3. Pat and Tiffany

3.3.1. fall in love dolly shot circling them (same shot used in other love stories) creates a metaphor of falling in love

3.3.2. Have mutual respect for each other at first. They both discover that they will always tell the truth even if it hurts. Tiffany and Pat take up dancing lessons at different times for an hour in order to take part in a dance. They get a 5.0 winning the bet that Pat and his father made. This was a exciting part of the film. A large usage of closeup and very much focused on their bodies rather than their faces to show the sense of movement

3.4. Pat and his mother

3.4.1. His mother cares a lot about Pat and just want him to live a happy normal life without any problems, but Pat has other ideas. getting fit - Running Reading alone in his room Going else where with other people Going to dinner with friends Going out on halloween with Tiffany

3.5. Pat and Danny

3.5.1. danny comes to the dance, shows that they are good friends Lied for Danny when he got his mom to drive him out of the hospital. Pat did this because he wanted to help his friend and showed that the two characters are close. Pat also does this because he understands the pain of having a mental illness and living in a hospital.

3.6. Pat and Nikki

3.7. Pat and his therapist

3.7.1. If Pat attends the therapy lessons he is allowed to stay home with his family.

4. Key Events That Develop The Narrative

4.1. Pat Out of hospital

4.1.1. introduces the viewers to the chaotic life Pat lead before being sent to Baltimore. Shows his obsession with Nicki and shows his father's obsessive compulsive disorder At the very start, Pat is doing pushups and his mum goes to Baltimore to pick him up. The downwards camera angle capturing Pat and the upwards shot of his mum symbolises Pat's low position. It emphasises his shame as well. Furthermore, the fact that Pat is grown up, yet needs his mum to pick him up and save his from the hospital would have been humiliating. The camera angles reinforced this.

4.1.2. The beginning of the story

4.2. Pat getting angry at the author and the fight with his parents

4.2.1. shows that though pat is a lot better he is still holding on to nikki and is struggling with a mental ilness tracking shot follows him into his parents bedroom to show his body language and therefore his anger

4.2.2. Shows that he is full of hope as he believes that life should be better than what Fitzgerald wrote.

4.2.3. The director's choice of using the effect of the book flying through the window, and filming it landing on the grass emphasises Pat's inability to control himself.

4.3. Meeting Danny

4.3.1. gives another perspective to mental ilness

4.3.2. His mother did not sound particularly happy with this random person getting in her car from a mental hospital. Camera angles from inside the car looking from; the dashboard, the back seat, passenger seat, drivers seat and outside the car.

4.3.3. Shows that some people don't want to stay in the hospital

4.3.4. also develops the fact that pat made friends and had an okay time in the hospital

4.4. Meeting Tiffany At Dinner with Veronica

4.4.1. Pat thought that Tiffany was a strange goth girl thats rude to everyone. Short camera angles show the scene really well when they are arguing at the diner

4.4.2. Pat and tiffany's relationship begins over the common ground of mental ilness

4.4.3. they bonded over their medication and shared feelings

4.5. Pat and Tiffanys runs

4.5.1. Develops their relationship

4.5.2. develops tiffany's charecter. We see more of what type of person she is and how she acts with others

4.6. Date at the diner

4.6.1. Showed Pat that he was prejudiced. 'You think I am crazier than you...' This is a dark scene that really brings out the characters and their true motives/feelings. There are close ups of their faces to define their expressions and emotions.

4.7. Rehearsing their dance

4.7.1. This helped Pat and kept him occupied, because it was productive and good for him. Spending time with Tiffany meant that he wasn't so focused on thinking about Niki and what he could do to fix his marriage. Quick movements in the dance synchronized with the camera shots and angles gave an up beat situation that made everything seem a lot more happier to Pat and gave Tiffany a chance to be happy.

4.7.2. Gave Pat the chance to focus, become disciplined and interact with another person. No longer pining after Nikki. Also falls for Tiffany, which helps him leave his past behind as he realises that he doesn't love Nikki but loves Tiffany This is demonstrated through the still and panning camera views, bringing a sense of calmness to the situation ( because it is calming Pat )

4.8. Football Game

4.8.1. shows pat's will to stay strong "I wont fight" Camera shows Pat getting dizzy from everything thats happening as he's trying to stop himself from fighting. Camera blurs in and out zooming in on Pat.

4.8.2. shows pat's love for his brother shaky camera use and fast angle changing to show the panic and perhaps stress of the situation

4.9. Patrucio trusting tiffany

4.9.1. Develops Patricio as a character and shows that amidst all his obsessive tendencies relating to his love for football and how confident he was that Tiffany was impactnig the team's 'juju' – he learnt that he was wrong and not only that, but that Tiffany was doing good in Pat's life.

4.10. Pat Realising that Tiffany wrote the letter

4.10.1. Led to Pat feeling betrayed. It showed to the audience that Tiffany cared about Pat because she told him in the letter about how they (Nikki and him) are better off being separate.

4.11. Performing the dance

4.11.1. Was very constructive for Pat. Montage Shows the development over time

4.11.2. Tiffany always forced Pat to dance but when she was at the bar he forced her to instead. Pat wanted her to dance because he needed to prove himself to Niki

4.12. Realising their love at the end

4.12.1. Sums up the story

4.12.2. Provides the happy ending that the audience is hoping for

4.13. The wedding song

4.13.1. How he overcomes this. e.g. when they were at the diner and he was with Tiffany the song came into his head and tiffany tried to help him. Also when he first went to his counselor and the song was playing when he walked in. Pat getting over the song is a really important part of the film because he really learns to develop as a person. Close up camera circling pat shows his facial expressions makes it seem like his illness / the song is surrounding him

4.14. Pat running after he realised Tiffany wrote the letter

4.14.1. Dark setting. Streetlights cast an eerie glow. Front shot. Music is melancholy and we can hear the footsteps. This emphasises his grief because the footsteps sound heavy.