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zzZ por Mind Map: zzZ

1. Raiding Static

1.1. Challenging

1.1.1. compares on fflogs

1.1.2. youtube research

1.1.3. knows boss abilities list

1.1.4. practice in PF

1.2. Punctual

1.2.1. 5 min early fully prepared on voice chat

1.2.2. afk on raid break times only

1.2.3. prepared with food and repairs

1.3. Aware

1.3.1. uses ACT or asks for DPS checks and callouts (customizations)

1.3.2. Syncs and knows other job abilities

1.3.3. uses recording tools to check for wipe mistakes like shadowplay from geforce experience or PS4

1.4. Humble

1.4.1. optimistic

1.4.2. thinks of ways on how his job can help others

1.5. Social

1.5.1. joins other activities

1.5.2. streams

1.5.3. voice chats

1.6. Raiding Contract

1.6.1. Start

1.6.2. Renew after 60 days

1.6.3. 1st and 2nd Roles

2. Public Image

2.1. email

2.1.1. [email protected]

2.2. Social

2.2.1. Twitter name zzZCompany bio zzZ Free Company FFXIV Ragnaork location Dubai, United Arab Emirates website themecolor pink icon 400×400 pixels header 1,500×500 pixels schedule announcements polls art Hashtags

2.2.2. YouTube name zzZ Gaming icon header 2,560x1,440 pixels thumbnail 1,280x720 pixels intro tune content clearing Informational/trivia In-game comedy Out-of-game comedy Tutorial/raw gameplay ending like/dislike subscribe social and merch if not next video then previous video thanks for watching keywords Keyword Research & Strategy with Keyword Planner - Google AdWords

2.2.3. About the team since when what we like what we do now

2.2.4. Twitch name zzzcompany Subscribe Subscriber-Only Chat 30 Subscriber Emotes Ability to Post Links No Slow Mode Timings Twitch SCHEDULE ~11:00pm to ~3:00am (EST) Mon-Thurs* You can usually see if I'm streaming or not through my Discord channel or on my Twitter!! icon header Social who Subscribe discord moderators thumbnail starting soon afk

2.2.5. instagram name zzZFreeCompany screenshots selfies scenes pets bio

2.3. Donate

2.3.1. Paypal Account

2.4. Merch

2.4.1. Caps 300dpi

2.4.2. Shirts 300dpi

2.4.3. Keychains FC Minion Mascot with the new tier gear

2.4.4. slogans 2 gils

2.5. Website


2.5.2. shop

2.5.3. blog

2.5.4. email campaigns

2.5.5. frontpage announcements