Student Achievement Goals

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Student Achievement Goals por Mind Map: Student Achievement Goals

1. Broad Learning Outcomes

1.1. Understand that chemical elements are fundamental building materials of matter, and all matter can be understood in terms of arrangement of atoms.

1.2. Understand that all matter is made of atoms.

2. Standards

2.1. ACS Standard 16. Develop an understanding of the characteristic properties of matter and the relationship of these properties to their structure and behavior.

2.2. ACS Standard 17. Develop an understanding that interactions can produce changes in a system, although the total quantities of matter and energy remain unchanged.

3. Performance Outcomes

3.1. Design an experiment to separate a heterogeneous mixture made of 4 different components (sand, iron filings, salt, and poppy seeds).

3.2. Make a model/drawing of the water molecules in the three states (solid, liquid, and gas).

4. Learning Goals

4.1. Analyze

4.1.1. • Distinguish between the physical and the chemical properties of matter.

4.1.2. • Compare and contrast mixtures and pure substances.

4.1.3. • Students will be able to distinguish elements and compounds.

4.2. Synthesis

4.2.1. • Design a method to separate a mixture.

4.3. Application

4.3.1. • Students will be able to separate a mixture sample by physical means.

4.4. Understanding

4.4.1. • Explain the gas, liquid, and solid states in terms of particles.

4.4.2. • Students will understand the characteristics of matter.

4.4.3. • Students will understand the difference between homogeneous and heterogeneous mixtures.