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SDLC por Mind Map: SDLC

1. Phases

1.1. set of steps

1.2. sequence of activities

1.3. are 5 phases

1.3.1. Requirements Gathering/Analysis preliminary analysis find organizational goals investigate a problema capture requirements propose solutions There are three options

1.3.2. Design screen layouts design of Business Rules described System Features diagrams functional hierarchy business processes pseudocode Risk Analysis Threats and vulnerabilities

1.3.3. Coding Unit Test creating System Components in a

1.3.4. Testing Acceptance Testing Users examining modules individually test the entire program

1.3.5. Implementation/Deployment training end users methods SDLC process

2. Models

2.1. improvement

2.1.1. development processes

2.2. types of models

2.2.1. Waterfall development

2.2.2. Model V

2.2.3. Spiral Model

2.2.4. Unified Process Model

2.2.5. Team Software Process TSP