Defending North America

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Defending North America por Mind Map: Defending North America

1. The Scrapping of the Avro Arrow

1.1. FOR

1.1.1. Saves lots of money! The program was estimated to cost millions of taxpayers dollars.

1.1.2. The cancellation of the Avro Arrow also made Canada much less of a threat towards the Soviets.

1.1.3. The Avro Arrow required a pilot to fly, and with such dangerous missions, there could be many deaths.

1.1.4. There was the Bomarc Missile that was already lined up for Canada to use instead of the Avro Arrow, making a transition to a new weapon easier.


1.2.1. The Avro Arrow was the most advanced aircraft in the entire world, and would have been very advantageous for Canada as a method of defence.

1.2.2. The project would create thousands (14,000+) employment opportunities for Canadians, which could have boosted the economy. However cancelling the Avro Arrow layed off many workers.

1.2.3. The plane would give Canada a strong sense of national pride because everything was based, and built in Canada.

1.2.4. Canada were not able to keep the lead in military aerospace technology in the arm's race that they had against the Soviets.

2. Canada's Acceptance of Nuclear Weapons in 1963

2.1. FOR

2.1.1. Nuclear weapons were very important to protecting Canada against communist aggresion

2.1.2. Strengthened the relationship between Canada and the United States, creating stronger trade and investments.

2.1.3. Nuclear weapons help Canada to fulfill their roles within NATO and NORAD, and also allows them to help their alliances (USA).

2.1.4. Canada would be in the news, and it would raise attention to the country.


2.2.1. It was hypocritical for a country that is a part of the UN, which are trying to create peace and work for disarmament, would accept nuclear weapons

2.2.2. Allowing nuclear weapons created a country full of fear about a ww3, and global suicide.

2.2.3. The election and entire conflict split up the Conservative party and resulted in a minority government rather than the prior majority gov.

2.2.4. The weapons would cost lost of money which ends up being a waste when Prime Minister Trudeau takes away nuclear weapons.

3. Canada's Role in the Cuban Missile Crisis

3.1. FOR

3.1.1. By not placing Canada's NORAD forces on alert, it was said to be in Canada's interest of security.

3.1.2. Proved that Diefenbaker did not bow down to the US and feel obliged to do anything that they told them to.

3.1.3. Diefenbaker contributed wise ideas of ways to control the situation in a more peaceful manner. United Nations inspectors should go into Cuba and survey the nuclear sites.

3.1.4. Canada's naval involvement aided and allowed for American ships to surround Cuba until the Soviets disembarked all of their missiles.


3.2.1. Americans and also many Canadians were mad at Prime Minister Diefenbaker for having not supported USA right away. By the time Diefenbaker put troops on alert, the damage had already been done.

3.2.2. Weakened Canada's relationship with American because they were very reluctant to help, or allow US to station their planes, and weapons on Canadian soil.

3.2.3. It was risky to not do anything at first considering the new path of the missiles that the USSR had set.... Many major Canadian cities were vulnerable for an attack.

3.2.4. Many Canadians believed it was the wrong decision and Diefenbaker had a lot of hate coming his way