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1776-1861 por Mind Map: 1776-1861

1. Indian Removal 1814-1835

1.1. Cherokee, Creek, Choctaw,Chicasaw,Seminole Nation's

1.1.1. 1828- Supreme Court stated Indians can occupy land but not own land

1.1.2. 1817-1818 First Seminole War Aided by run away slaves

1.1.3. 1827- Cherokee tried to establish themselves as a sovereign nation, supreme court ruled against them Jackson refused to enforce new ruling 1831- Supreme Court changed their ruling

1.2. Led by Andrew Jackson

1.2.1. 1814 led US military in partial takeover of Creek Nation land in Georgia & Alabama

1.2.2. negotiated 9 treaties to relocate Indians

1.2.3. Relocate Indians to the West

1.2.4. Wanted Indian land in the South East for white farmers

1.3. Some nations agreed to please the Gov't

2. Mexico

2.1. 1821- Mexico achieved independence from Spain

2.1.1. Left the country in a bad condition

2.2. 1845- Congress voted to annex Texas Republic

2.3. 1847- war against the Us and Mexico in Texas

2.3.1. 1848- Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo was signed US paid out 15 million dollars to Mexico for damages Mexico gave up what is now known as California, Texas, New Mexico, Utah and Nevada Mexicans in still on US soil had to either return to Mexico or become US citizens Ones who stayed in the US faced racism from whites

3. African-Americans

3.1. 1793 & 1805 The Fugative Slave Clause

3.1.1. allowed for the capture and return of free slaves that made it North

3.2. 1803-1808 40,000 slaves were imported into South Carolina alone

3.3. 1862 President Lincoin- Emancipation Proclamation

3.3.1. was meant to set free over 3 million black slaves 1863 Slaves were freed

4. 1776 Declaration of Independence

4.1. Ideas of freedom for all, yet about half the population in the colonies were slaves