Adverb Clauses

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Adverb Clauses por Mind Map: Adverb Clauses

1. they can be about

1.1. Places

1.1.1. where, wherever We’ll go to the bar where they asked us to wait.

1.2. Time

1.2.1. when, whenever, while, as, before, after, once, prior to, since There may come a time when I would do this, though I can’t imagine when that would be.

1.3. Manners

1.3.1. as, as though, as if Frank ran the race as though his life depended on it.

1.4. Cause or Reason

1.4.1. because, since, as, in view of, on account of, seeing that Because he loved her, he didn’t believe she had an affair.

1.5. Purpose

1.5.1. in order that, so that, with the object to So that she would have a tan for her vacation, she went to a tanning salon.

1.6. Result

1.6.1. so that, so……that, such that, such…..that She took a break, so that she can work harder.

1.7. Contrast

1.7.1. although, though, even though, even if, while, whereas Although she has a business degree, she is working as a retail clerk.

2. "ING" Form

2.1. it has multiple forms like

2.1.1. continuous times to be + -ing We are playing soccer, to kill time.

2.1.2. preposition of the object preposition + -ing This should be banned for the high damage that cause in the health, and in the recovering of the patient.

2.1.3. sustantive –ing as sustantive This has various uses for the threatment of the disease, curing the patient.

2.1.4. adjective –ing + sustantive We have not found any clue about this strange disease.

2.1.5. contracted adverbial clause (active) Before/After - When/While + ing After the game, we were eating. Before the game, we were eating. When the game started, we stop eating. While we were watching the game, we were eating.

2.1.6. contracted adjective clause (active) sustantive +ing We can see a huge crater made from the meteorite, this cause a huge chaos in the area surrounding

2.1.7. "ING" after certain verbs verb + ing I start eating pie when I was 8.

3. This party is awesome, let´s

4. After the surgery the patient died.

5. She took a break, so that she can be

6. So that she would have a tan for her vacation, she went to a tanning salon.

7. Types