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Marketing por Mind Map: Marketing

1. promotion: deciding how the product will be supported with advertising,  special activities, etc.

2. place: deciding how it will be distributed and where people will buy it

3. price: deciding what prices to charge

4. product: deciding what to sell

5. Promotion

5.1. Promotional activities

5.2. 1.a special offer such as a discount or reduced  price.  2.I a free gift: given with the product.  3.a free sample: a small amount of the product to      try or taste.   4.I competitions with prizes.

6. People and workplaces

6.1. a company, rather than those leading it and organizing it: the management.

6.2. Management and administration

6.3. Labour

6.4. Personnel and human resources

7. elements of advertisings

7.1. Slogan

7.2. Target audience

7.3. Catchy tune

7.4. Budget

7.5. Product placement

7.6. Consumers

7.7. Soun effectos

7.8. Get attention

7.9. Feel good factor

7.10. Branding

7.11. Outdoor marketing

7.12. QR code scanning

7.13. Viral marketing

8. Ps