Reading Comprehension

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Reading Comprehension por Mind Map: Reading Comprehension

1. Thesis Statement: Reading Comprehension is one of the key ingredients for adult learning.

1.1. there are benefits, applications and importance in Reading Comprehension.

2. The benefits of Reading Comprehension

2.1. The ability to help your children understand learning material or literature.

2.2. Expanding your knowledge in your adult learning career.

3. Why is Reading Comprehension important?

3.1. Reading Comprehension is important in many ways of learning

3.1.1. example: retaining specific information, utilizing specific information example: retaining specific information, utilizing specific information

4. Conclusion

4.1. The bottom line is that without Reading Comprehension there would be a lack of understanding in instructions, messages, missions or tasks required from individual regardless of the age

5. Work Cited/References

5.1. examples of references to validate my research using C.A.R.S.

6. How is Reading Comprehension applied?

6.1. Reading Comprehension is applied by reading any given material. I digesting the material, understanding the passage and its message, retaining the information acquired and using it to answer specific questions on the material. Whether it being tests or direct questions about the material.