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Money Always Talks por Mind Map: Money Always Talks

1. Occassion

1.1. Answer

1.1.1. The occasion is the house

1.2. Quote(s) from the article that supports your claim

1.2.1. The house is located on a quiet, leafy side street on the distinctly wrong end of town.

1.3. Explanation

1.3.1. The author is telling the Occasion

2. Action

2.1. Answer

2.1.1. She is saying the action

2.2. Quote(s) from the article that supports your claim

2.2.1. Late one afternoon, my daughter and I decided to take a walk to the beach, the serene and underpopulated beauty of which we had so far only heard rumors.

2.3. Explanation

2.3.1. The author say everything

3. Points

3.1. Answer

3.1.1. The author explain the points

3.2. Quote(s) from the article that support your claim

3.2.1. Wending our way through the village, we passed a mouthwatering array of merchandise, store after store serving up pricey children’s clothing (the rise of boutiques that carry $100 nightgowns for little girls is one of the more visible effects of the new Gilded Age) and ingenious coral-shaped cutlery for outdoor entertaining.

3.3. Explanation

3.3.1. She say all the points

4. Speaker

4.1. Answer

4.1.1. The speaker is the author, Daphne Merkin

4.2. Quote(s) from the article that supports your claim

4.2.1. At the tail end of the summer, I happened to stay with my teenage daughter at the rented house of friends in Southampton.

4.3. Explanation

4.3.1. The author is writing from a first person perspective.

5. Tone

5.1. Answer

5.1.1. The tone is really strong

5.2. Quote(s) from the article that supports your claim

5.2.1. Is it or isn’t it? In the history of love-hate relationships, our paradoxical romance with money ranks among the oldest and the most enduring.

5.3. Explanation

5.3.1. The author explain the tone with relationships, paradoxical romance and money.