Instant Messaging Timeline.

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Instant Messaging Timeline. por Mind Map: Instant Messaging Timeline.

1. 2009 1. WhatsApp is presented as an instant messaging App on the mobile, with the ability to send text, video and audio for free. 2. Microsoft announces the purchase of Skype for 8,500M dollars putting the future of MSN essenger in question.

2. 2010 Viber is initially released on December 2, 2010 exclusively for the Phone's IOS platform as direct competition from Skyoe. A year later it would come to Android and progressively to the rest of both mobile and desktop platforms.

3. 2011 1. Facebook brings its Messenger to mobile phones as an independent App. 2. Evan Spiegel launches Snapchat, the first instant messaging program that allows users to make their messages disappear once they are read. 3. Apple also joins the instant messaging craze and launches iMessage as an integral part of IOS 5. 4. The Fukushima disaster leaves thousands of people incommunicado in Japan. As a technological response, Line is born, an instant messaging program sponsored by the South Korean company NHN.

4. 2012 1. Yahoo closes its chat rooms and integrates them into Yahoo Messenger. 2. Microsoft announces that windows live messenger is integrated into Skype and therefore the instant messaging client disappears. 3. iMessage arrives on the Mac OS X desktop, with the name of Messages, thus replacing iChat. 4. Spain makes its contribution to the world of instant messaging with the launch of Spotbro. 5. Telefónica, Vodafone and Orange launch Joyn as a way to gain ground in the field of instant messaging. Failure is one of those that mark the epoch.

5. 2013 1.WhatsApp is revealed as one of the most successful instant messaging programs. Its service costs operators 32,500M dollars that stop entering SMS. 2. With the intention of creating a secure instant messaging service that respects the privacy of its users as much as possible, the brothers Nikolai and Pavel Durov created Telegram.

6. 2014 1. Google announces the integration of several of its services and Google Talk, Google+ and Google+ Hangout Video become Google Hangouts. 2. BlackBerry gives its arm to twist and presents BBM for IOS, Android and Windows Phone. 3. Facebook buys WhatsApp for 22,000M dollars.

7. 2015 WhatsApp presents the web version of its instant messaging service.

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