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1.1. And = Y

1.1.1. My sister is married and she live in London.

1.2. Not only...but also = No sólo.... pero tambien.

1.2.1. She is not only intelligent but also beatiful.

1.3. Not well. = No sólo pero así como

1.3.1. Not only is the weather lovely, but its beaches are wonderful as well.

1.4. Both... and = Ambos... y

1.4.1. I like both the movie and popcorn.


2.1. Or = o

2.1.1. Do you want to go out or are you tired?

2.2. Either...or = tampoco... o.

2.2.1. You can either come by bus or take a taxi

2.3. Neither...or =

2.3.1. Neither cheap or nice

2.4. Otherwise = De lo contrario

2.4.1. It is closed greengrocers, otherwise would have bought my fruits.


3.1. If = Si

3.1.1. I'd give you a hug if you were here.

3.2. Whether = Si

3.2.1. I wonder whether she really wants to do that.

3.3. Unless = A no ser que

3.3.1. I'll run unless it rains.

3.4. In case = En caso

3.4.1. My mother will scold me in case do not clean my house.

3.5. As long as = Mientras

3.5.1. You can stay here as long as work hard.


4.1. Then = Entonces

4.1.1. I was very sleepy, then, I whent to bed.

4.2. Moreover = Además

4.2.1. Soccer is a good sport, moreover, it is very easy.

4.3. Furthermore =  Además

4.3.1. Exercise, furthermore being healthy, strengthens the body.

4.4. Besides = Por otra parte

4.4.1. I don't like that hotel, besides, it's too expensive for me.

4.5. In additon to = En acción a

4.5.1. Ricardo hits the baby, in addition to their offence.


5.1. Therefore = Por lo tanto

5.1.1. She didn't study, therefore she coudn't pass the exam.

5.2. Hence = Por consiguiente

5.2.1. The teacher didn't go because he was ill, hence we did not hace class.

5.3. Thus = Por lo tanto

5.3.1. She hadn't eat for days and thus felt very sick.

5.4. So = Así que

5.4.1. My mother scoled me, so i had to go to my room.

5.5. Consecuently = Consecuentemente

5.5.1. Frank did study, consecuently he pass the exam.


6.1. Although = aunque

6.1.1. I really like the soda although take is excess is bad.

6.2. Even if = Incluso si

6.2.1. Even if he's right, doesn't give him the right to be arrogant.

6.3. Dispite = A pesar de

6.3.1. I love you depite all.

6.4. In spite of = A pesar de

6.4.1. It was a great match in spie of the bad weather.

6.5. Regardless of = Independientemente

6.5.1. Fabio intends to go to the church regardless of the weather.


7.1. But = Pero

7.1.1. I like english class, but the teacher leaves a lot of homework.

7.2. However = Sin embargo

7.2.1. They were not having fun, however they stayed until the party was over.

7.3. Nonetheless = No obstante

7.3.1. She arrived late nonetheless she did nothing.

7.4. In the other hand = Por el otro lado

7.4.1. Michael have good voice; on the other hand his brother know play guitar.

7.5. Instead = En lugar de

7.5.1. I bougth boots instead of sandals.

7.6. On the contrary = Por el contrario

7.6.1. The Eagle is a solitary bird. On the contrary seagulls live in flocks.


8.1. Because = Porque

8.1.1. I had an accident because I was driving very fast.

8.2. For = Para

8.2.1. I need to se you for not missing you.

8.3. Because of = debido a

8.3.1. She can't play sports bescause of her illness.

8.4. Due to: = Deberse a

8.4.1. All this maybe  due to many reaseons.

8.5. Since = ya que

8.5.1. Thy decided to go to sleep since it was very late.


9.1. As = como

9.1.1. I want an Ice cream as yesterday.

9.2. As... as = Tan como

9.2.1. His car is as fast as mine.

9.3. Not = no como... como

9.3.1. It is not as heavy as, thought it would be.

9.4. As if = como si

9.4.1. He talk me as if he didn't know me.


10.1. So = entonces

10.1.1. So, tell me what you think about my new dress.

10.2. So that = para que

10.2.1. He gave her a present so that she would feel better.

10.3. In order to = a fin de que

10.3.1. My mother scolding me in order to duing things right-