World s records

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World s records por Mind Map: World s records

1. needles stuck in the Head

1.1. Milan, Italy, April 11 . Chinese Wei Shengchu set the Guinness World Record for the largest number of needles stuck in his head . Exactly 2,009 .

2. face masks

2.1. Taipéi, Taiwán, 28 de julio de 2013. 1.213 personas batieron el récord Guinness mundial de aplicación simultánea de máscaras faciales durante 10 minutos.

3. Cantonese rice

3.1. Costa Rica, 52 February 2012. Costa Ricans chefs set the world record amount of fried rice Cantonese . They prepared 1,360 kilos of this dish , enough to feed more than 7,000 people .

4. bees on a body

4.1. China , April 2012. The Chinese beekeeper She Ping covered her body with 331,000 bees ( 33 kilos ) to beat the previous record of 26.7 kilos of bees on a human body.

5. aquarium

5.1. Singapore. The Aquarium Singapore Resorts World Sentosa contained in the " Guinness World Records " as the largest aquarium in the world. It houses 80,000 marine animals of 800 species , contains 42.9 million liters of water and has the panel of the world's largest acrylic.

6. spoons in a human body

6.1. Tbilisi , Georgia, December 2011. The Guinness world record for mayor, number of spoons in a human body belongs to Etibar Elchíyev , who managed to hang from your body 50 metal spoons magnetized .

7. skates

7.1. The Indian Rohan Kokane also set a record when he passed underneath a bar located 25 centimeters above the ground with his skates .

8. The goat

8.1. One of the most striking additions is the Happie , a goat who knows skateboarding and does so with style . The animal remained unchanged for 36 meters on a skateboard , for which took 25 seconds. Melody Cooke , the owner , that takes Happie every day the parking lot of Fort Myers , Florida, to make goat grace. "Since I became a Guinness record , a diva it believes " he said.

9. He could stretch the skin

9.1. Garry Turner of England, decided to break this record . He could stretch the skin of his stomach to the nose. This character suffers from a disorder that affects the skin tissues .

10. Three concrete blocks

10.1. Victor Rebayen lay on a bed of nails while his brother Mayor put three blocks of cement hammer United Nations UN with all- weight of 326 kilograms.

11. flips flops

11.1. German Maren Zonker runner ran over 100 meters using sandals WOW ! And all in under 22.35 seconds.

12. worms

12.1. A British woman named Christine Martin decided to win this record when sat ensuite bathroom for over an hour and surrounded by worms Media. Nobody wanted Mamluk This registration.

13. inflatable sumo

13.1. London , UK, June 2010. Battersea Park , a group of British runners dressed in inflatable sumo suits set a new world record : the biggest marathon in sumo suit .

14. World longest fingernails

14.1. New York , USA, 2011. Chris ' The Duchess ' Walton entered the ' Guinness World Records ' as the holder of the longest fingernails in the world. This American was grown nails for 18 years , so that at the time of registration record , in 2011, the fingernails of the left hand of Walton measuring 3.1 meters, and right , 2.9 meters.