An interesting map

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An interesting map por Mind Map: An interesting map

1. Examples

1.1. an honest man

1.2. an hour

1.3. an honor

2. Examples

2.1. an orange

2.2. an apple

2.3. an octopus

2.4. an egg

3. A

3.1. -singular noun -starts with a vowel

3.1.1. Examples a cat a dog a pig a house a student

3.2. Use "a" for words that start with "u" if they make a "you" sound

3.2.1. Examples a utopia a united team a unique shirt

4. AN

4.1. -Singular Noun -Starts with a vowel

4.2. Use "an" for words in which the "h" is not pronounced.

5. Kevin Ramos

6. Learn English: a or an? which one?