Audio Formats

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Audio Formats por Mind Map: Audio Formats

1. WAV

1.1. Advantage

1.1.1. Perfect and capable to safe original audio and to upload this via internet.

1.2. Disadvantage

1.2.1. Stores fields of enormous weight.

1.3. Characteristics

1.3.1. WaveForm Audio File, was developed by Microstof in order to store audio files. WAV files have the extension of .wav. WAV is capable to compress original audio, which gives the capacity to upload files into the internet. WAV is commonly used for formats with lower weight.

2. MP3

2.1. Advatage

2.1.1. Commonly used in electronic devices, and uses less MB than a normal music field.

2.2. Disadvatage

2.2.1. Not enough quality of audio, which is minimum.

2.3. Characterisitcs

2.3.1. MPEG 1 Layer 3, was created in Fraunhofer Institute, and it's practically monopolized all over the digital audio world. It has perfect quality and capability for compressing huge amounts of weight. Transmission from WAV to MP3 is not a complicated task, with minimum difference of quality from one to other.

3. OGG

3.1. Advatage

3.1.1. OGG is free for more users, works similar to MP3, and coding the codecs is open. Quality is lightly superior to MP3 and WMA.

3.2. Disadvantage

3.2.1. Not all multimedia devices ay read the information that OGG, provides, so filters or codecs need to be consider to install.

3.3. Characteristics

3.3.1. OGG was developed by Foundation. It's the new's format, and it provides free alternatives and open codes. OGG quality of music, according to experts, it is lightly superior to MP3. OGG may contain music and video together. Unfortunately, not all multimedia devices may read the information that provides OGG, so filters or codecs are necessary to install.


4.1. Advantage

4.1.1. It is easy to work with MIDI, because you may simply manipulate it for other audio formats. MIDI is focused more on artists, such as musicians, so that they can compose while recording projects.

4.2. Disadvatage

4.2.1. It's not the best audio format, unless you want to record music. It mainly uses it's capability to storage information from music sheets, than the extension of the audio field.

4.3. Characteristics

4.3.1. Musical Instrument Digital Interface stores fields from mid. to store synthesizers, which peaks which instrument intervenes, in every aspect. MIDI may be manipulated in order to work with other audio formats, such as: WAV, MP3, etc. MIDI is only capable to store a certain amount of weight, because the rest of the capacity to store will be used on information or the music sheet. MIDI is not as good as other formats, but it's perfect for recording and composing if you have knowledge in music.

5. WMA

5.1. Advantage

5.1.1. It is an excellent format for the internet and audio samples. It has been for years an excellent format for operating system.

5.2. Desadvantage

5.2.1. WMA adds artifacts and shares losses with MP3 although lighter.

5.3. Characteristics

5.3.1. Windows Media Audio is a field of audio compression with loss. WMA is commonly used on the media via internet to show music samples, but it's also found in electronic devices for music.

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