indefinite articles "a" "an"

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indefinite articles "a" "an" por Mind Map: indefinite articles  "a" "an"

1. in english the indefinite article "an" a is only used on singular for examples: you have cat "singular you have some cat plural you have many cat plural

2. companing right and wrong uses of a an

2.1. right

3. an hour , an apple , an enginer wrong a hour , a apple , a honor

4. the are two diference form of singular indefinite articles an / a rule to use "a"

4.1. is used to indicated an individual or element of any kind, especies or gender without particularizing it when we introduce it in a sentence or a discource

5. rule to use "a"

5.1. use a when the noun that accompanies the article begins with a consonant sound example: a car , a doctor , a table

6. the are some exeptions to apply the indefinite articles exeptions to apply an if you are using a word with a silent the you have to use an example honorable right : miguel is a honorable wrong is a honorable man