How to create mindmap

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How to create mindmap por Mind Map: How to create mindmap

1. 1. Create a Mind Map from Scratch

1.1. Click on "New Mind Map"

1.1.1. Select the "Blank" template

1.2. 2. Change the Map Layout and Theme

1.2.1. Click on the ( i ) button in the top bar of the map editor to change your map's theme and layout. You can select one of our premade map themes, or choose the option to 'Customize' to create your own theme. To change the map layout, click on the little triangle below Alignment and choose between the classic mind map format (free or aligned), left aligned, right aligned, or org chart.

1.2.2. 3. Format Your Ideas Using the sidebar on the right side of the map editor, you can format individual topics on the fly, for instance by changing their font size, font color or background color. To do this, simply select the topic you want to format, and then click on the colors or font size buttons in the sidebar. By default, your color changes affect the text of your topic. If you'd like to modify the background color of a topic, switch to Background before selecting a different color. 4. Add Icons & Images To add an icon, simply select a topic and then choose one of the icons displayed in the middle section of the sidebar. If you don't see the icon you're looking for, click on the small triangle to open the entire icon librar 5. Add Additional Information