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Medellín por Mind Map: Medellín

1. In my case, I have prefered this vibrant city because de people, the tipical food and beatiful weather.

2. I visited Medellín two years ago, in my opinion this city is spectacular because in this place I founded a lot of parks, malls, restaurants, churches, and many beautiful gardens for example: Jardín Botánico.

2.1. I recomended specially: paisa town, Botero´s sculture park, pubs in the poblado neightborhood, El tesoro mall. This city have a metro for public trasnportation, this is a good option to meet this city.

3. Medellín city is a excelent opction for tourist, because is a cultural city, and the weather is fantastic, and the people are very nice.

4. For visit to Medellín, you can chose a air plain or a bus or a car. In any case you find many options for arrive to Medellín

5. This travel have different costs, depends to the season, and type of transportation. And of course the type of the hotels when you choose this aspect.

6. The weater is nice, 23 to 30 celcius Grades in the morning and evening, in the night, maybe the temperature is 15 to 20 celcius grades

7. I recomend visit in Medellín: Botanic Garden, malls like what El Tesoro in Poblado, Towns near to Medellín: Envigado and the center of the city.

8. When you visit Medellín, you can stay five or four days, because you can live up to the expectations.