Brandon Brown quiere un perro (Cole Shackelford)

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Brandon Brown quiere un perro (Cole Shackelford) por Mind Map: Brandon Brown quiere un perro (Cole Shackelford)

1. los personajes

1.1. Brandon Brown: An 8 year old boy who wants a dog for his birthday. He wants a big, smart dog.

1.2. La mama: Doesn't;t want a dog, thinks they are problematic.

1.3. Katie: Brandon's sister, she has a rat

1.4. Jake: Has a big and intelligent dog

1.5. Jamie: Has a hamster

1.6. Denver: Is Brandons Dog. Causes trouble.

1.7. El doctor: thinks Brandon has a virus. Recommends that he sleeps.

2. Vocabulario

2.1. Mascota: Pet

2.2. Regalo: present

2.3. recoge: picks up

2.4. lleva: he/she takes, brings, carries

2.5. llevarlo: carry/bring/take it

2.6. se hizo pipi: peed

2.7. hace ruidos: makes noises

2.8. tiene verguenza: he/she is embarassed

2.9. sale: he/she leaves

2.10. esta preocupada/o: he/she is worried

3. Captulo 1-2

3.1. Brandon is 8 years old and wants a smart big dog like his friend Jake. His mom syas no because they are problematic and he won't be responcible for it.

4. Capitiulo 3-4

4.1. Brandon goes to Jakes house and plays with his dog. Jake and Brandon find a dog with no information on the collar.Brandon takes the dog home with him. Brandon's dog pees in his bed. His mom walks in and thinks Brandon did it.

5. Capitulos 5-6

5.1. Brandon names his dog Denver. Brandon builds a fort and Denver and him hang out in it. Brandon goes down to eat dinner and Denver starts to make sounds. So he begins to make sounds to make his family think he's a dog. Jake come's in through Brandon's room and plays army men with Brandon, while Denver sleeps. Brandon's mom embarrasses Brandon and accuses him of peeing. Jake leaves and Denver poops, and Brandon's mom think's Brandon is sick.

6. Capitulos 7-8

6.1. Brandon's mom takes him to the doctors because she thinks he is sick. Brandon reads the doctors report and sees that him mom put that he makes sounds like a dog. The doctor thinks that Brandon shouldn't have a birthday party until he feels better, so he recommends that Brandon sleeps. When Brandon arrive home from the doctor, Brandon goes to his room to find that it's a disaster because of Denver. Denver escaped the closest and began messing up his room. Brandon begins to organize his room so that when his Mom comes in, she won't be able to see what he cause. Brandon begins to realize what his Mo said and starts to regret getting a dog. Brandon is exhausted and wants to sleep, but then Jake enters through the room. He has an idea that will solve Brandon's problems with Denver.

7. Capitulos 9-10