Sixth Grade Social Studies Civic Responsibility (ITI/HET Model)

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Sixth Grade Social Studies Civic Responsibility (ITI/HET Model) par Mind Map: Sixth Grade Social Studies Civic Responsibility (ITI/HET Model)

1. Stage 1: Create a theme Responsibility Rockstars

2. Stage 2: Weekly Topics and Key Points

2.1. Week 1 Topic: Following Laws Key Point: Democratic societies must be protected.

2.2. Week 2 Topic: Civic Duties Key Point: Participation is necessary for maintaining a democracy.

2.3. Week 3 Topic: Make It Better Key Point: You are responsible for your community and your government.

3. Stage 3: Learning Activities/Inquiries

3.1. Visit the county courthouse

3.1.1. Participate in a mock trial of the Big Bad Wolf

3.1.2. Interview county employees about their roles as civil servants

3.2. Bicycle Safety Project

3.2.1. Interview law enforcement officers about the laws related to bicycle riders

3.2.2. Work with law enforcement to create a bicycle course on local, low-traffic streets to practice bicycle safety

3.2.3. Sixth grade students teach the smaller children in the school about bicycle safety

3.3. Voting simulation

3.3.1. Students select school-related issues that require a vote

3.3.2. Conduct a poll with peers

3.3.3. Visit the local polling place and vote on school-related issues

3.4. Neighborhood Watch

3.4.1. Students create a neighborhood watch rotation for the school campus

3.4.2. Students work with teachers and administrators to determine issues that students could monitor and how to appropriately respond to those issues