Scholarly Work

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Scholarly Work par Mind Map: Scholarly Work

1. How to Read an Academic Article

1.1. Read the abstract

1.2. Read the introduction

1.3. Read the conclusion

1.4. Skim the middle, looking at section titles, tables, figures. Configure understanding for the style and flow of the article.

1.4.1. Is it methodological, conceptual, theoretical, empirical, or other. Is it primarily a survey, a novel theoretical contribution, an empirical application of an existing theory or technique, a critique, or other Re-read entire paper, focusing on the sections or areas that seem most important.

2. Writing a Research Paper

2.1. Chose topic

2.2. make use of the course readings

2.3. Chose debatable, specific, and concise thesis

2.3.1. Write introduction that will convince the reader why he should care about what you have to say Write body of paper that supports thesis Write conclusion that summarizes the paper

3. Academic Integrity

3.1. What is plagiarism?

3.1.1. Plagiarism is where you use other peoples ideas or works and pass them off as your own.

3.1.2. If caught, you can receive a failing grade and academic punishment.

3.1.3. Using a previously written paper or buying one online is plagiarism.

3.1.4. Using information from a source and failing to cite is also plagiarism.

3.1.5. Examples of plagiarism: Cite direct quotes If you re-word information, cite author who had the original idea Footnote statistical information Make sure footnotes have correct format

3.1.6. Plagiarism quiz The cite is right ask yourself the question: "Does this sentence need a citation?