Eliza - Functionnalities

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Eliza - Functionnalities par Mind Map: Eliza - Functionnalities

1. §hello / Hi

1.1. It says Hello or a sentence to welcome you.

2. Question

2.1. It permits you to have the link of the FAQ

3. §new "grade/appreciation"

3.1. It permits you to add your score from 1 to 10 and an appreciation

3.2. $list

3.2.1. List the score and appreciation

3.2.2. $del "number" It deletes the score or appreciation

4. Reclamation

4.1. It permits you to get the link of the reclamation section

5. Colis

5.1. It shows you your follow up

6. $responding on/off

6.1. It permits to shut down and power on