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Loufa Private Group par Mind Map: Loufa Private Group

1. No Clarity #1

1.1. Goals

1.1.1. Clarity

1.2. Realistic plan in place

2. Fear

2.1. Fear of failure

2.2. Fear of looking bad

2.3. Fear of loosing the dream

2.4. Uncertainty of the future

2.5. Fear of rejection

2.6. Fear of not knowing what to say

2.7. Fear of being to techie

2.8. Fear of picking up the phone

2.9. Fear of competition

2.10. Fear of in house lenders

2.11. Sounding stupid / Lack of knowledge

2.12. Fear of letting go

2.12.1. Inbox

2.12.2. Agents

2.12.3. Social Media

2.12.4. 1003

2.12.5. meeting with clients

3. Technology

3.1. Logging In

3.2. Adding agents

3.3. Adding Properties

3.4. Marketing Ebook

3.5. Creating Agent Website

3.6. Presentation to agents live/ One on one

3.7. Presenting to a group

3.8. Presenting by webinar / screen share

3.9. Virtual Assistance

3.10. Craigslist

3.11. Sign riders

3.12. Webinars

3.13. Join.me

4. Overwhelmed

4.1. To much on my plate

4.2. don't know where to start

4.3. Fear of failure

4.4. No assistant do I need one?

4.4.1. Don't know what to have them do

4.5. 80/20

4.6. To much refinance business

4.7. Your In the loan

4.8. No current realtor partners

4.9. No follow up in place

4.10. Lack of income

4.11. Lack of clarity

5. Follow Up

5.1. Clarity Of Followup

5.2. Basics of follow up, Email, Phone, Video

5.3. When to

5.4. What to say

5.5. What system to use

5.6. Value of follow up

5.7. Fear of failure

5.8. Fear of rejection

5.9. Google Docs

6. Presenting EPS

6.1. One On One

6.2. To a group

6.3. Only 15 Minutes available

6.4. On a webinar

6.5. Screen sharing from office or home

6.6. Power point / live

6.7. EPS Marketing ebook

6.8. Overwhelming the agents

6.9. Back just in case Internet / Batteries

7. Overcoming Objections

7.1. In House lender

7.2. I have something similiar

7.3. I'm not a techie person

7.4. Whats in it for you (LO)

7.5. How does it help me get more listings

7.6. How does it help me attract buyers

7.7. Results in Advance

7.8. Whats the cost

7.9. Respa

7.10. How to stay focused

8. Agents

8.1. How to find them

8.2. Which agents you should work with

8.3. Title companies

8.4. How many I should work with

8.5. When to properly let go of an agent and why

8.6. How many agents you need

8.7. When to stop looking and why

9. The Rain Makers Club

9.1. Every other week one on one with Scott

9.2. Group call every other week with Carl and Scott

9.3. Weekly Accountability

9.3.1. Its our way or the highway

10. Stop searching for the next best thing, you already have it

11. Fix whats broke first

11.1. Assistant

11.2. Call the sellers

11.2.1. Script to sellers

11.3. Call the current agents in the system

11.4. Meet with the current agents in the system to see if they want to play ball

11.5. Follow up hits report to current agents

11.6. Realtor stacking

11.7. Oh by the way "who did you talk to last week or over the weekend that is looking to get approved

11.8. Database management

11.8.1. Current and past clients

11.8.2. Current realtors that you have done business with

11.8.3. Realtors you want to do business with

11.9. Weekly invites to AMM on Monday

11.9.1. Follow up by email on Wednesday or Thursday

11.9.2. Every other week phone call to agents with obtw

12. What would your business look like if you let go of

12.1. All this stuff

12.1.1. Taking applications

12.1.2. Meeting with clients

12.1.3. Processing the loans

12.1.4. You answering the phone every time it rings

12.1.5. Putting out fires

12.1.6. Sorting your emails

12.1.7. Social media management

12.1.8. Voice mails

12.1.9. Uploading properties Weekly calls to check in

12.1.10. Follow up calls to past clients

12.1.11. Follow up calls to current agent partners

12.1.12. Training your agents on eps

12.1.13. Find new agents Elookyloo Craigslist

12.1.14. work with title companies to get new agents

12.1.15. Weekly Invites to local agents

12.1.16. Social media invites to your agents

12.1.17. Let stuff go

12.2. And only spent your days

12.2.1. Presenting to agents

12.2.2. Building one new realtor partnership that a week that was sending you a deal a month It might take 5 new agent to get that one deal so what its okay...

12.2.3. Tip of the week video for exposure and branding