Asian Events

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Asian Events par Mind Map: Asian Events

1. Hearts of Iron 3

1.1. Ottoman Events

1.1.1. RLY Janitor Event A - Kill the Sultan The Death of the Caliph! (OTT)

1.2. Events for China

1.2.1. Originals Sino-Japanese Relations Military Cooperation Events Scientific and Cultural Cooperation Events Pan-Asian Events Chinese Nationalist Revolts Protests in the Periphery (CHI) Internal Chinese Politics Pre-Election Debates Constitutional Reform Constitutional Reforms Demonstrations Against Foreign Holdings Warnings for Political Movements Peasant Rebellion

1.2.2. Current Version Pre-Election Events Pre-Election Agitation (CHI) (AI Only) Pre-Election Agitation (CHI) (Human Only) Demonstrations Against Foreign Holdings Women Suffrage Movement Land Reform Demonstrations Minority Republics Army Centralization and Warlord Revolt Foreign Interference Events Constitutional Reform Events Constitutional Reform Fails (CHI) (RLY Janitor Decision) Civil War Events Warlord Civil War Communist Civil War (WIP)

1.3. Tax Revolts in Northern Persia

1.3.1. A - Order the governor to restore order - 70% A - Give them more time - 50% Persia and the Rebellion Russia and the Rebellion B - Compromise with Constitutionalists - 25% C - Send in the Royal Cossacks - 25% (Same as C) Country Relations (Same as C)

1.3.2. B - Reduce the taxes of the farmers - 20% Southern Provinces protest We owe them no explanation - 50% Start a tax reform program - 25% Cancel the northern tax breaks and send in the Cossacks - 25%

1.3.3. C - Send in the Royal Cossacks - 10% Ottoman-Persian Relations A - Wait and see - 60% B - Voice our support for rebels - 40% Russian-Persian Relations A - Wait and see - 60% B - Voice our support for rebels - 40% Anglo-Persian Relations A - Wait and see - 60% B - Tell the Persians to take care of it - 40% A - Cossacks put down the rabble - 60% Northern Rebellion Event (See A>A-) B - Execute leaders and offer amnesty - 40%

2. China Events

2.1. Other Events

2.1.1. Chinese Civil War Warlord Civil War Chinese Warlord Civil War

2.1.2. Post Election Events Begin the Social Reforms! (CHI) A - We will reinforce the old ways! (NEU) B - Things are going to change around here! (DEM) C - It all must go! (COM) D - Who we are makes us strong! (FAS) Women's Suffrage No Rights for Women (CHI) Rights for Women (CHI) Women Suffrage (CHI) Han Supremacy Han Supremacy (CHI) No Han Supremacy (CHI) Han Supremacy (CHI) Confucian State Religion Confucian State Religion (CHI) No Confucianism State Religion (CHI) Confucianism State Religion (CHI) Begin the Land Reforms! (CHI) A - Land reform is unnecessary! (NEU) B - The land owners are the enemy of the people! (DEM) C - It belongs to the people! (COM) D - The system makes us strong! (FAS) Land Ownership Land Confiscation (CHI) Reaffirm Land Ownership (CHI) Land Reform (CHI) Army Reform Army Reform (CHI) Confront the Warlords (CHI) Placate the Warlords (CHI) Army Reform (CHI) A New Era for China (CHI) A - All we have to fear is fear itself

2.2. Focus

2.2.1. 1936 Election Prelude Focus Preparing for the 1936 Election (CHI) A - We will make it through this U.S. Interest in the Chinese Elections (USA) A - We will monitor these events closely. B - We must protect Chinese democracy! Japanese Interest in the Chinese Elections (JAP) A - We will not break down our Chinese brethren! B - The status-quo is what is best for China! C - Democracy for China! D - The area around the Fengtian province requires our special attention. British Interest in the Chinese Elections (ENG) A - We cannot spare the effort! B - We must bolster the central government! C - The Zhili province has the potential for the greatest investment return D - The Guangxi province has access to the most lucrative markets E - Supporting multiple cliques will benefit us the greatest German Interest in the Chinese Election (GER) A - We will not indulge in such politiking B - The Nanjing government needs our support C - Securing the central plains of the Zhili province would be the most profitable endeavour French interest in the Chinese Election (FRA) A - The real struggle is in Europe B - A friendlier central government would be beneficial C - The southern province of Yunnan would make an effective buffer state Russian interest in the Chinese Election (RUS) A - Their destiny is their own B - All of China will be red! Foreign Powers meddling in Elections (CHI) A - They will rue the day they messed with the Celestial Empire! B - The people will chooose what they want regardless of the foreigners! C - The workers and peasants will show them the strength of China! D - The year of the rat will be the year of the dragon!

2.2.2. CHI DEM/FAS/COM/NEU Focus Constitutionalist Party of China (CHI) A - Flavorful Option Kuomintang of China (CHI) A - Flavorful Option Baohuanghui of China (CHI) A - Flavorful Option Imperial Unity Party of China (CHI) A - Flavorful Option

2.2.3. CHI_constitution_convention Focus Student Prostests (CHI) A - Crack down on the students! B - Let them demonstrate! Demonstration for Women's Suffrage (CHI) A - Suppress the movement B - They suffer needlessly Agitation for Land Reform (CHI) A - That is their rightful place! B - Land reform must happen! Minority Republics of the United Provinces (CHI) A - Suppress these movements with extreme prejudice B - Promise Autonomy Confucian Supremacy Lutheran Missions to China (GER) Baptists Missions to China (USA) Catholic Missions to China (FRA) Centralization of the Army (CHI) A - We must bring the army under our control! B - We must not rock the boat!

2.2.4. New Chinese Direction Democratic Regime Foreign Appeals Focuses China Ends Open Door Policy (Various) End of Concessions in China (Various) Nationalist Regime Expel Foreigners Focus Enclave Revanchism Focuses Reclaim Manchuria Focus Communist Regime Follow Russia Focus Request Manchuria Focus Influence Thai Focus Influence Korea Focus Influence Japan Focus