My Ideal Digital Elementary Classroom

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My Ideal Digital Elementary Classroom par Mind Map: My Ideal Digital Elementary Classroom

1. Strategies

1.1. group work

1.2. project-based learning

1.3. offer students choices

1.3.1. topic

1.3.2. research method

1.3.3. presentation method

2. Activities

2.1. research projects

2.2. videos

2.3. classroom blog

2.4. art projects

2.4.1. basic elements of graphic design

3. Tools

3.1. SmartBoard

3.2. document camera and projector

3.3. Blackboard/online classroom portal

3.3.1. class email address

3.3.2. class calendar

3.3.3. document-sharing system

3.3.4. method of communication with parents

3.4. a few tablets for students