LSS 3003

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LSS 3003 par Mind Map: LSS 3003

1. Sports

1.1. Beitar Jerusalem football documentary

1.2. Sport for Development and Peace UN

1.3. Girl Racer BBC documentary Iran

1.4. Basque Ball BBC documentary

1.5. Football, Iranian Style documentary

1.6. Oz doping site

1.7. 1913 Female cigarette cards video

1.8. Ethics BBC Home

1.9. ESPN Once Brothers

1.10. Track Meet Ethics online game

1.11. European Traditional Sport and Games Association

1.12. Trophy Kids UK video

1.13. More Than Just a Game OU reading

1.14. Paralympic athletes who harm themselves to perform better BBC article

1.15. Saudi Arabia's first female Olympic athlete hails progress - video

1.16. Arab women in sport: 'There will be no more barriers for us' Guardian article

1.17. Hey'Ya: Arab Women In Sport video

1.18. Britain's Gay Footballers BBC documentary

1.19. Medora small town basketball documentary

1.20. Stadiums of Hate football documentary

1.21. UNESCO Sport for Peace and Development

1.22. Doping in Cycling documentary

1.23. Florence Fight Club

1.24. Committed A Movie About College Lacrosse Recruiting

1.25. A Brief History of Sport RI video

1.26. Football Fight Club documentary

1.27. Sporting metaphors

1.28. BIRGing article

1.29. Contra A Copa: The Other Side Of Brazil’s World Cup video

1.30. Sports Accord organization

1.31. League of Denial: NFL concussions video PBS

1.32. New York Times Qatar article

1.33. ESPN Playing for the Mob

1.34. Mesoamerican Ball Game actvities

1.35. Infographics American spend on sporting events

1.36. Little Big Dreams China gymnasts video

2. Leisure

2.1. Virtual Gym online game

2.2. Parasio for Sale tourism documentary

2.3. Islamic Gardens video

2.4. Better Use of Leisure Time video

2.5. Coney Island: A Documentary video

2.6. NHTV Study programme: International Leisure Studies video

2.7. Shopping Can Be Fun (1957) video

2.8. Leisure vacation infographic

2.9. Britain's Park Story BBC video

2.10. Infograpic Parks and recreation

2.11. Britain's Park Story BBC HD video

2.12. Definitions of leisure, play, and recreation

2.13. More British women now play video games than men article

2.14. Welcome Back Riders video

2.15. Leisure and Entertainment 19th century BBC clip

2.16. Abu Dhabi Ladies beach article

2.17. Volunteer article Gap year don't bother

2.18. English Heritage announces Grade II listing for east London’s the Rom, signifying skateboarding’s cultural importance

2.19. Afghanistan’s cultural image is changing, thanks in part to the strong, graceful and dynamic female silhouettes emerging from this bold graffiti artist’s spray can

2.20. America Wild National Parks video trailer

2.21. The Olmsted Legacy: America's Urban Parks video

2.22. Frederick Law Olmsted: Designing America video

2.23. "Urbanized" Full Length Documentary

2.24. Fun on the Sands 1914 Blackpool video

3. Fantasy Sports

3.1. Fantasy Sports Infographic 1

3.2. Fantasy Sports Guardian article

3.3. Fantasy Sports Infographic 2

4. UAE related academic resources

4.1. Tourism, development and ‘destination Dubai’: cultural dilemmas and future challenges Abstract

4.2. The camel and camel racing in the United Arab Emirates : the role and interaction between traditional sport and society in UAE

4.3. The concept of disability in Islam and its relevance to understanding change in sport organizations book Abstract

4.4. Falconry as heritage in the United Arab Emirates book

4.5. Sport Across Asia: Politics, Cultures, and Identities book

4.6. The Distinctive Arab Heritage: A Study of Society, Culture and Sport in the United Arab Emirates book

4.7. Leisure and Islam book

5. Video gaming

5.1. Infographic Video games stats

5.2. Second Skin video games documentary

5.3. Video games Cultural Test BBC video

5.4. Is video gaming a spectator sport? BBC video

5.5. History Of Video Games video

5.6. Evolution Of Sports Video Games ESPN

5.7. The player: racism in online gaming article

6. State of Play: Peter Berg on Trophy Kids video

7. The Power of Parks video