201 Hedgewood

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201 Hedgewood par Mind Map: 201 Hedgewood

1. Renovations

1.1. Necessary Renovations

1.1.1. Front Porch Roof Pinpoint Leaks Fix Valley @ found leaks new slope on roof? Ceiling Fix joists Leave Joists exposed Ceiling Fans on Joists Floor New Pressure treated Plywood New Covering Stairs Fix Bricks?

1.1.2. Cleaning Steam clean carpets Mold in Kitchen? Black spots... not sure what they are Mold downstairs in basement Thorough cleaning everywhere Vacuum Everywhere Sweep, dust, and mop everywhere Clean Windows Clean appliances

1.1.3. Structural issues in basement New columns replace clay pipe columns Beams with mold

1.2. Possible upcoming Necessary Renovations

1.2.1. HVAC Unit Estimate? $10,000

1.2.2. New Roof Estimate? $5,000

1.3. Optional Renovations

1.3.1. Top Stairs open into living room I'll live upstairs "jail" style toilet and sink upstairs Turn 90 Degrees into living room Hinge wall in small bdrm for easy stair access Storage under stairs landing

1.3.2. L wall in master Washer and dryer in pocket closet at end of L wall Door out of small Bathroom linen closet

1.3.3. Remove wall into kitchen Wall is Load bearing 2xLVL Header Add counter top peninsula

1.3.4. Cleaning Chimney Free of obstructions Pressure wash exterior Sidewalks House Sides driveway

1.3.5. Dig out basement pour concrete Turn into bedroom and bath Get rid of carpet and other "mold harboring" materials Add hallway into master to accommodate stairwell

1.3.6. Upgrade attic Add another +/- 2' to side walls

1.3.7. Garage in Dirt Bank

1.3.8. 3rd bedroom

1.3.9. Bar in Living room Bill Cannon Granite

2. Products

2.1. Necessary

2.1.1. Refridgerator

2.2. Optional

2.2.1. Britt purchase Surveillance Cameras $200 Google Nest Thermostat $250 Ryobi push Mower $300

3. Petition Red Bank for sidewalk to Dayton blvd.