Irene's PLE (Personal Learning Environment)

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Irene's PLE (Personal Learning Environment) par Mind Map: Irene's PLE (Personal Learning Environment)

1. For creating information (reflection)

1.1. Blogger

1.2. Movie Maker

1.3. Prezi

1.4. Microsoft Office

1.5. Weebly

1.6. Mindmeister

2. For sharing and communicating

2.1. Blogger

2.2. Google Drive

2.3. Dropbox

2.4. SlideShare

2.5. Youtube

2.6. Twitter

2.7. Facebook

2.8. Gmail

2.9. Hotmail

2.10. Snapchat

2.11. WhatsApp

2.12. Skype

2.13. Pinterest

3. Things that I miss on my PLE

3.1. I need to take more advantage from some tools that I use daily

3.2. I should share not only the good things in my social networks, but also the bad things for doing a better reflection about them

3.3. Share more information and not only gather it

3.4. I need to discover more useful tools that could be really interesting for collecting academic information

3.5. I need a reliable data source for using it more often in my degree projects

3.6. Share my creations more habitually and not only see the creations from other people

3.7. I would like to participate more actively in forums, sharing my opinion about a specific topic with other people that is also interested in the same thing

4. For gathering and search for information

4.1. In a digital way

4.1.1. Google

4.1.2. Google Scholar

4.1.3. Wikipedia

4.1.4. Youtube

4.1.5. Aula Virtual from the University of Murcia

4.1.6. University of Murcia official website

4.1.7. Google Maps

4.1.8. Pinterest

4.1.9. Blogs

4.1.10. Forums

4.1.11. Flickr

4.1.12. ERIC

4.2. In a physical way

4.2.1. Family

4.2.2. Friends

4.2.3. Teaching staff from the Universtiy of Murcia

4.2.4. Library

4.2.5. Textbooks