Cellular Energy

Use this mind-map to start your own concept map about Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration. Use the word bank provided in class to show your ability to synthesize the main ideas behind cellular energy, and to review these concepts ahead of our test on Friday. You should submit a link to your completed mind-map on canvas to receive credit for this assignment.

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Cellular Energy par Mind Map: Cellular Energy

1. Photosynthesis

1.1. Photosynthesis requires:

1.1.1. Water

1.1.2. Light Energy Light-independent reactions Calvin cycle Light-dependent reactions excites

1.1.3. Carbon Dioxide

1.2. Is regulated by

1.2.1. Stomata are opened and closed by Guard Cells

1.3. Plant Structure

1.3.1. What plants need to grow Thylakoid membrane Chlorophyll Electron Transport Chain ATP Synthase Enzymes Chloroplast Grana stacks Stroma

1.3.2. Phloem

1.3.3. Xylem

1.4. Products

1.4.1. carbon dioxide + water + light energy yields Glucose + Oxygen gas

2. Cellular Respiration

2.1. Step 1:

2.1.1. Glycolysis happens in Cytoplasm reactants Glucose products 2 NADH 2 pyruvates, 2 ATP

2.1.2. (Anaerobic)

2.2. Step 2:

2.2.1. Kreb's cycle oxidizes pyruvate to extract High energy electrons products 1 FADH2 1 ATP 4 NADH happens in Mitochondrias matrix reactants pyruvate

2.3. Step 3:

2.3.1. Electron transport chain happens in Inner Mitochondrial Membrane products 17 ATP Water reactants NADH FADH2 Oxygen

2.4. Produces

2.4.1. ATP using Oxygen

2.4.2. glucose + oxygen yields carbon dioxide + water + Energy

2.5. happens in

2.5.1. Mitochondria

2.5.2. included in animal and plant cells

2.6. Anaerobic respiration

2.6.1. NO OXYGEN = can only make little ATP large animals cannot survive also known as fermentation lactic acid fermentation alcohol fermentation

3. Cell Resp Word Bank

3.1. Electron carrier

3.2. ATP Synthase

3.3. Enzymes

4. Photosynthesis Word Bank