Environmental Problems

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Environmental Problems par Mind Map: Environmental Problems

1. Global warming

2. Ozone layer destruction

3. Atmospheric pollution

4. Destruction of Forests and Rainforests

5. Animal Species Extinction

6. Final Disposition of Toxic Waste

7. Illegal trade in wild animals and plants

8. The pollution of the oceans, especially of the coastal waters, owes both to the terrestrial activities and to the sea-coasts.

9. Due to everything the garbage and toxic waste

10. This provokes that some of the oceans contaminate and in turn the species die for it they become extinct

11. Pollution in the ocean

12. It is the presence in the atmosphere of substances in a quantity that implies inconveniences or risk for the health of the persons and other alive beings.

13. The air pollution has harmful effects on some aspects of the environment.

14. Effects in the climate. Effects in the biosphere. Effects in the health of the persons. Effects in the materials.

15. A part of the deterioration of the cap of ozone is a natural process of wear, another part is directly a fault of the human activity.

16. This is probocado for all the toxic gases

17. It does that the ultraviolet beams harm us

18. The global warming provokes the climate changes

19. Consecuencias: sequías y fuegos arrasadores

20. Mortal waves of heat and the spread of diseases

21. They are those materials or residues that stay after having realized some activity, in general productive, capable of producing some hurt to the persons

22. The toxic waste harms to the environment of a direct way

23. They damage the land and especially the water since the companies throw his waste to the rivers

24. It is the illegal trade of animals and exotic pages and ne danger of extinction

25. His sale does that the housekeeping and the traffic of animals is very common in poor countries and with abundant fauna, this one is a case of for that the plants and the animals become extinct

26. This can be avoided buying or adopted traditional animals, also denouncing this type of actions

27. It is considered on the verge of extinction, be vegetable or animal when all the alive members of the above mentioned species are in danger of disappearing.

28. It is possible to have to so much to the direct depredation on the species as to the disappearance of a resource on which his life depends, so much for the action of the man

29. It is possible to avoid Prohibiting the hunt for animals: To avoid the deforestation of forests. The delimiting of protected areas and natural reservations.

30. The elimination of trees in the tropical areas has a special repercussion on the soil

31. If the destruction was continuing to this pace in approximately 40 years all the tropical Forests will be eliminated

32. Some solutions are: To protect the still intact sections of natural habitats. To educate the public brings over of the importance of the natural habitats and of the biodiversity.